Making A Vision Board

Over the past couple of days I've been working on creating a vision board.

What's that, you ask? Well, it's a poster you make of the things you want in your life & then you put it in a place where you'll see it all the time so you're reminded of those things. That means it doesn't go in a closet, under the bed or behind your desk!

With your goals and intentions "named" you focus on them and attract them to your life. At least, that's what the theory is.

This is a new approach for me because usually I make lists and then cross off the things that get accomplished. I liked this more organic, less linear approach to goal-setting and really creating a vision for yourself so I decided to go for this method in 2010.

I've been cutting up magazines looking for images that represent things I want to accomplish this year. I've been trying to put things in categories: emotional, spiritual, physical, material and mental. I also wanted to pick the same number of things from each category because I wanted to feel balanced and I didn't want to feel guilty if I, for example, only had two things in the spiritual and I had ten in the material category.

However, now I'm wondering if I'm trying to control the process too much and I'm being terribly inorganic. Perhaps I'm not as go-with-the-flow as I like to think of myself.

I didn't put a picture of myself finishing the vision board on the board - but when I finish up this week, I'm thinking I'll share some of the things on it with you all.

But tell me, have you ever made one of these boards? If you did, did you actually use it or at the end of the year was it a cobweb repository? And if you've never done one, what would you put on it?


April said…
Never heard of it before, but my 2 cents? It sounds like you're going through the process of figuring out exactly what you want, so it's fulfilling the purpose as much as looking at it will. It needs to be what YOU want, and there is no right or wrong way.
Good luck!
Dena said…
great minds think alike! when i was visiting nancy wong in minneapolis this past weekend, we gathered some friends together and made vision boards new year's eve. we all were so into it! it took us until 3am to finish them :)
nick said…
Vision boards are a new one on me, but they sound good. I would think a visual image would have more subsconscious impact than a pile of words. If I had a vision board, the first thing on it would be a calming image to reduce my persistent anxiety - probably the Buddha or some beautiful tranquil spot.
Lisa Blah Blah said…
I made one of these about ten years ago. At the time I was single and hating my job - so I was trying to visualize a romantic partner, a peaceful home, work that was fulfilling, creative outlets, and ultimately a baby. I put it up on my bedroom closet door. I found my love (now my husband), a peaceful apartment, a flexible freelance writing job and yes, had a baby. (Of course you know that now I have two.)

I have a friend who made a mini-vision board of everything she was looking for in a house. She found her dream house in less than a year. So from anecdotal evidence, it does work, I think because it's a positive visual reinforcment of your goals.

At any rate, it can't hurt to help you clarify what your priorities are this year. ...Maybe I'll make one!
Sarah Auerswald said…
I've been making boards for a few years now and it's totally fun. I actually went to a scrapbook format a couple of years ago. It's amazing to look back and see the pictures of all the things I've wanted to own that I do own - or the places I've wanted to visit, or the people I've wanted to meet -- it's very cool. Plus it's just such a fun process to look at images and choose things you desire. I use a lot of words, too...
Britni Danielle said…
can't wait to see your board! i just finished mine this past Sunday & did a video post (my first!) about it! A Vision in Action

i can't wait to see how this vision board helps me focus on what i really want to do this year. i tend to be all over the place, hopefully this will be a great reminder.
Lola Gets said…
Three years ago I went to Philly with a Smithie to see another Smithie, and she had these all over her apartment. I complimented her on her "collages" and she told me that they were "focus boards".

Since that time, I have tried to make some focus boards of my own, and didnt make it that far. I got the posterboard, paste and began cutting images out of magazines, but thats as far as I got. Ive got a lot of ideas for things to do in 2010, so perhaps Ill pick that one back up.

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