I'm Not Combing My Hair Till The Sun Comes Out

Rain is such a big story in Los Angeles that on tonight's 11:00 news they talked about our torrential downpours for 12 minutes.

For once I figure the weather does deserve the hype. Storms here have been so severe we've actually had two tornado warnings. I'd always thought I'd left tornadoes behind when I said goodbye to the Midwest. Is it 2012 two years early here in LA?

Since the weather's so miserable, I've decided I'm not combing my hair tomorrow. Why should I? I mean, 100% humidity + my hair = very big hair. Like, super massive big hair. Furball hair. Frizz, frizz, frizz - And that's with an umbrella and sitting inside most of the day.

When the sun comes back out, maybe I'll do something with it. But until then, if you see me, don't ask me if I'm trying any new styles or exploring a new fashion trend. The answer is no.


nick said…
Oooh, serious bad hair day, my sympathies Liz. Yes, better lie low until you can get it right again. Possible tornadoes? I hope they're wrong about that....

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