Happy Birthday! Five Cool Things About My Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

I wish my mom was here in LA to celebrate her birthday. She'd be a lot warmer and I'd have another excuse to eat cake! But since she's freezing in the Midwest, here's a few cool things you should know about the birthday girl...

1) She loves to read. My mom taught me how to read and she trained me to be a total book freak. Barnes & Noble employees clap when she walks through their doors because they know they're going to move their balance sheets from the red to the black in one fell swoop.

2) She's a constant learner.
My mom taught me that you never stop learning, even when your formal schooling is over. She's always expanding her toolbox mentally, spiritually and emotionally. She likes to learn how to do something new and she genuinely likes finding ways to improve herself.

3) She's a good cook and a healthy eater. And she turned me into a food snob. No, I don’t want your greasy mac-n-cheese or green bean casserole because I grew up eating homemade borscht and ratatouille. I didn’t know what Bisquick even was growing up because my mom made whole wheat pancakes from scratch. She was a slow-food, all-natural eating machine 30 years before the hipster machine co-opted those ideas.

4) She’s got style! My mom always looks sharp. She’s always managed to strike a great balance between being classic and trendy, and she taught me a whole lot about how to not be a fashion victim. Yeah she’s nice and smart but I know why my dad REALLY fell in love with her... cuz she's hot. My son's regularly comment on how good-looking their grandma is and I 100% agree.

5) She’s a firm believer in racial unity. I can’t think of a time that my mom hasn’t been involved with efforts to promote racial unity – and not just because she married the best looking Irish guy around either. Even before she met my dad, my mom was participating in and initiating efforts to bring people of all colors together. Lately she’s been doing these super cool study circles on race with mostly college age kids.

Yeah, she's amazing and I love her. I hope this birthday is the best ever!


Remnants of U said…
Well, Happy Birthday to Los Angelista's cool mom!
1969 said…
Happy Birthday to your fabulous Mommy!
Anonymous said…
I wish I had a mum, you are so fortunate. Mums the word.
Your mom sounds beyond cool...Happy Birthday to Mamma Los Angelista!
nick said…
She's your mum? Wow, she looks way too young. I wish I'd had a mum like that, she sounds really cool and obviously a big influence on your own personality. Good to know she believes in constant learning. So many people just close up their minds and fossilize as they get older.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you! I hope she had fun! :)

She is pretty fab. Love her!

Yours is with you in spirit but I know it's not the same. {hug}

She's very cool - such a fabulously interesting person.

She's got good genes and she takes care of herself so yeah, she does look young, doesn't she? Women in her family tend to live a LONG time so I hope I've got a good 20-30 more years with her. She is a big influence on me - always reading, always trying to grow. I really like that.
She has such a beautiful face. She looks like the kind of person anyone could talk to.

But always assumed you had an awesome Mom since you're such an awesome Mom.

Happy Birthday to your Mom.
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
So where do I find a younger, not 'taken,' carbon-copy of her?
And she's beautiful still!
(And I'm really envious of your Dad now, lol!)
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks for saying I'm an awesome Mom! I learned a lot of good things from my mom. She hasn't been a perfect parent (who is?) but she's done her best. :)

Hahaha! Isn't she hawt?!?!
Dad said…
Dear Liz,

Thank you for writing such a beautiful tribute to your mother. She truly is a treasure. I learn something from her every day.


Liz Dwyer said…
Aww, it's easy to write because she rocks the house! ;)

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