Happy Anniversary To The Parental Units!

Forty-one years ago today
two hot people who happen to be my mom and dad

Last year I celebrated their anniversary by going to see Depeche Mode at the Hollywood Bowl. This year, I don't have Depeche Mode tickets, but I'm still going to find someway to party because if they hadn't met and married each other, yours truly would not exist.

Just think, if they hadn't married each other, there would be no Los Angelista. There also would be no #DoNotPetMyAfro hashtag and nobody would ever say, "Martin Gore is the bombdizzle."

I know, the thought of none of this existing is horrifying so three cheers to mom and dad for tying the knot and keeping it tied for all these years!


Jen said…
Congrats to the parental units and to you! Too bad about the lack of Depeche Mode tix.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks for the congrats! If Depeche Mode was on tour this year, trust me, I'd have tickets. Alas, it'll probably be a few years till they're out on the road again.
Tafari said…
Well, you could have been a love child/jump off baby right? Im just asking. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
L.A. Story,
I agree! ;)

Hahahaha! Just imagine in the future, blogs'll be named stuff like "Musings of a Jumpoff Baby"!
nick said…
Well, how about that! No Los Angelista, what a terrible thought! Hope you find a great way of celebrating the big day.
Liz Dwyer said…
I can't help but think how fun it would be to take my parents to a Depeche Mode concert. For some reason, I think that's never happening. ;)
SweetThang said…
Happy Anniversary, Los Angelista's Mom and Dad!
melifaif said…
Okay, I don't usually read others comments, but I saw Jumpoff Baby and had to. Love the blog.
melifaif said…
Oh yes, of course, a happy anny to your 'rents too.
Ian Lidster said…
Well I for one am happy they met, married and produced you. And what a fine looking couple they are. Congratulations to them.
Michele said…
Congrats to both you and your parents! I'm sure you'll find some other way to celebrate the union that brought you to the world :) Maybe Depeche Mode will be back next year...
Liz Dwyer said…
Sweet Thang,
On their behalf, thank you!

I know - he cracked me up with that one... and thanks for the congrats!

Thank you! They are an amazing couple for sure. I'm glad they produced me too! ;)

Thank you for the congrats. I totally WISH Depeche Mode would tour next year. Whew, what a wish!
Tafari said…
In 10 years, we will see a blog titled "Musings of a Jumpoff Baby"! I love it! LOL!!!

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