A Sonnet For Lovers Separated By Time And Space

For Lovers Separated By Time And Space...

Soul of my soul bound in eternal flame
Heart of my heart beat sunrise to sunset
Immortal through time is this sacred claim
Darkness to blue hour rhythm duet

Lips on my lips embrace secrets and dreams
Hand in my hand grasping tightly pure truth
Enchant with whispers and silver moonbeams
Would that wise hands captured our fleeting youth

Skin on my skin burning fiercely and free
Gaze meeting gaze in affection sincere
Inhale my prayer exhale destiny
Purposeful clarity dissolving fear

Intently I feel you through time and space

Patiently waiting and now face to face.

*photo courtesy of Flickr user Dell's Pics


Jen said…
I love the blue hour duet. I always have my creative writing students write sonnets as an exercise in discipline and they always say they feel it's hard to write a "modern" sonnet - I think you did that handsomely!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks for reading! This one doesn't feel 100% finished but it's 99% there so I figured I'd share it. I've always been in love with that in-between time, where it's neither light or dark but a mystical space between. Love it.
nick said…
A wonderful poem. I love the line "Skin on my skin burning fiercely and free".
Liz Dwyer said…
I like that line very much too. ;)
Anonymous said…
Wow wow wow wow! You are a genius, highly skilled, richly gifted and amazingly talented......you should publish it! Success and happiness will follow you soon. Bless you! x
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you so much for your kindness. I don't feel very genius-like but the words come from the heart. ;)
Anonymous said…
That last stanza made me cry. Right now I'm in the "patiently waiting" phase and I know the phase is going to take a few years.

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