Anniversary Present For My Parents: Depeche Mode

I may OD on happiness today.

First of all, two SUPER CUTE people I'm related to got married FORTY years ago today!

Congratulations to them! Forty years is a LONG time. I know they only got this far through their commitment to God and love for each other.

My parents have been through a lot but they've always been there for each other and stuck together no matter what.

Ah, true love!

I love them so much I'd willingly give them my tickets to tonight's Depeche Mode concert at the Hollywood Bowl as an anniversary present! I'd dress them up in some black leather jackets and black jeans -- NO doubt they'd be the most smokin' hot and cute couple in the entire place!

As of this moment, only 4 hrs and 06 minutes till the concert begins! I'm beyond excited! It's been three years since I've seen my boys perform in Las Vegas -- and now this is the start of Depeche Mode week for me. I'm seeing them tonight, tomorrow night and, God willing, on Thursday night.

I feel like a five year-old on her first trip to Disneyland.

I've loved this band since I was 11 and even though I don't have front row, I don't care. I'd go see Depeche Mode even if I had seats in the last row in the stadium.

And now I'm going to go dance around the house some more. SO FREAKIN EXCITED!


Jameil said…
Congratulations to your parents and of course to you for DM! :) enjoy the silence came on when rashan and i were at a restaurant in ATL & he said there's liz's group!
Unknown said…
They are cute :) Congratulations to your parents on 40 years!

I am totally excited for you going to see DM!! Hope you have an amazing time :)
nick said…
Don't get too excited Liz, you might spontaneously combust and then where would you be? Not able to see DM, for a start....
Liz Dwyer said…
Aww, thanks for the congrats! I'm glad they got married... because otherwise I would not exist to love Depeche Mode! LOL! That is DEFINITELY my group!

Aren't they cute!!! Thanks for the congrats. I had a totally amazing time. Still so buzzed, I can't sleep!

Haha! I thought I might combust but fortunately it was such a cold night and the show was outdoors, so I kept quite cool!
Ms Angela said…
Congratulations to your parents for their forty years of matrimony; that is so cool! It seems so long to me, but then again, my parents were married for fifty until my mom passed away last December.

Have all the fun a person could possibly have during your DM week! :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Isn't it cool! Here's to them making it to 50 years! I sooo want to see that happen.

I had so much fun last night but I only slept for a little under 2 hrs. I need a nap!
Jen said…
Congrats to your parents - they both look SO happy!
Shiona said…
Congratulations to your parents for 40 years!!

Yay how exciting to finally go and see Depeche Mode! Enjoy!!

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