Happy Birthday To My AWESOME Sister

Happy Birthday to my awesome sister! I'm sure all her birthday wishes are going to come true... and one of them, I'm sure, is for me to dish all her secrets on my blog!

Let me tell you about my sister C-Smooth:

1) She's the most neat freak person I've ever met: C and I shared a room when we were little. Her side of the room was immaculate. My version of cleaning was shoving everything under the bed - so you can only imagine how much I drove her crazy.

Nowadays, she can get so intense with her clean-sweeping ways that I once had fun torturing her by putting a newspaper on her kitchen counter. She walked by, folded it up and put it in the trash. I surreptitiously dug it out of the trash and put it back on the counter. Next time she came thru the room, she put it back in the trash, all while carrying on a conversation. By the third time, she was all, "Didn't I already throw this away?"

2) Cast Her In Salt II: She's only 5'2" but she's can whoop your behind AND shoot a gun.

3) What A Fantastic Auntie: My boys love their Auntie C a whole lot! Every time we visit her, she does special things for them and spoils them in ways I definitely don't. They have their special cookies they make with her. They have thumb wars over who gets to snuggle with her on the couch. Oh, and this is so cool - she always remembers their birthdays and sends them little cards with cash inside. She even sends them cards at the end of the school year congratulating them on finishing successfully!

4) Readers-R-Us: She's hardcore about her books and believes in the power of libraries. She goes - and takes my nephews - every single week.

5) Green Thumb: Everybody's always wondering how she gets her tomatoes so big. She loves to garden and her tomatoes turn out marvelously every single year. Which brings us to...

6) Yes, They're Real. Hollywood, eat your heart out... and sorry, don't ask for her digits because she's been married for a looong time!

I love my sister - even when we don't always agree or see eye to eye, I love her! I would tell you more but I have to go get on a plane! Yeah, I know I'm wrong for that last one but I couldn't resist!

Happy Birthday C-Smooth!


Jameil said…
nick said…
Any sister of yours must be a fantastic person! I do envy people who're that clean and tidy, I find it a real struggle. The newspaper story is a hoot.

Happy Birthday, C!
Jen said…
She also shares your smile. Wow. And she does sound like a cool Auntie and you know I like her respect for books. Happy B'day to C!
1969 said…
Happy Birthday to your sister. She sounds just as wonderful as you are.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks y'all for the birthday wishes for C-Smooth! She's fabulous! :)

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