I'm One of Parenting & BlogHer's Must Read Moms!

Two major things happened to me this week.

1) Jody Watley replied to me on Twitter. Yes, JODY WATLEY!

2) I got named one of Parenting magazine and BlogHer's Must Read Moms.

It's a real honor to be named one of the Must Read Moms. I'm soooo thrilled about it. They picked 10 bloggers nationwide and wow, I'm one of them! Here's what they said about me:

"Why We Love Her: Los Angelista covers the full range of Liz's life -- from the inane to the important in news and life in L.A. Her perspective as a Bi-racial woman, mother and writer is always witty, honest and personal."
I also wrote an exclusive piece for them - available on the site and in the September issue of the magazine - about how my sons identify me as being white.

Why'd I pick that topic? Well, racial identity is so fixed in our minds. We think we know it all when it comes to identifying someone as black or white. Sure, we acknowledge that there are some shades of grey in there - but ultimately, we tell ourselves, "When it comes down to it, such and such is black (or white... or insert the racial classification of your choice).

My kids are six and nine years old and they still are rather ambiguous about this whole merry-go-round of racial identity. To them, racial identity is a very fluid concept. For example, check out this interview with my six year-old:

I filmed him in May - and it still blows my mind to watch him turning these issues of race and identity over in his head.

Thank you so much to Parenting and BlogHer - and thank you to each of you for reading me and keeping me inspired. xoxo's -Liz


Cynthia said…
So what was Ms. Anonymous saying about you not being a “Real Writer” In your Face Ms. Naysayer!! I come back daily to read your post. Thank goodness you don’t charge for it because then I would be broke. Your blog is insightful and very well written. I sometimes cry, laugh so hard coffee shoots out my nose; I have realized things in a different perspective by reading your blog, that I may have not even considered for instance – “A Ride Through Central Park With Patrick Abdul” I am shameful of the times I may have disregarded people not even considering who they are and their struggles and perseverance’s? Thank you for your insight and defining what a true writer really is – someone who shares her thoughts so eloquently and changes the world one post at a time.
Florinda said…
There was a sign posted in the registration area at BlogHer'10 last week announcing the Must-Read Moms - I was so excited to see your name! Congrats, Liz :-).
It was a brilliant post, Liz. You gave me much to think about.

Speaking of color, I am green with envy about your curls!

Congrats on the honor.
Cynthia said…
Oh yeah Congrats.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks for the congrats and you are MUCH too kind to say such nice things about this blog. Wow, I'm so touched. {hug}

Was there really? Oh that's so cool. I wish I'd been able to go to BlogHer and see it for myself & snap a photo. ;)

Lavender Luz,
Thank you so much for reading. It gives me a lot to think about too! I wish my hair looked like that every day - that was a particularly good hair day - glad I snapped a photo of myself because a month later, Parenting needed a halfway decent photo of me. ;)
Woot...congrats, that's big news!
Liz Dwyer said…
Sure is! Thanks for the good wishes!
Lisa Johnson said…
Congratulations Liz! Wonderful news! : )

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