When You're A Racist, You Really Miss Out

I'm in San Francisco for the wedding of two dear friends - They're from different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds, and as of a few hours ago, they're married!

The female half of this dynamic duo is Latina - the male half is Indian. The Hindu ceremony took place tonight and as I sat there watching the two of them become one, I found myself thinking about all the wonderful things racist and prejudiced people miss out on.

They miss out on beautiful weddings that happen to have two people from different backgrounds getting married. They miss out on fab receptions where one moment a professional flamenco dancer is workin' it out on the dance floor - and the next moment, Indian music is playing and everyone's up and grooving... particularly my two sons!

Of course, opening your heart and choosing your friends and your significant other regardless of race, creed or color is about more than just music and dancing. I believe it makes us better people, makes us more whole, makes us connect to who we truly are inside.

Sadly, we all know someone from one background
whose either been romantically interested in someone else from another background, or else they just wanted to be friends - but the relationship never goes anywhere because of racism.

Maybe their friends or family threatened to disown them. Maybe they're concerned about what their colleagues will say. Whatever the reasons may be, they don't connect. They miss out. Their families miss out. Their friends miss out.

Racists, y'all need to get it together because seriously, you're missing out on so much that's beautiful in this world!


April said…
Best argument ever against racism!
SweetThang said…
Well close minded people relish in the monotony and so-called comfort of being with "their own kind".
nick said…
Absolutely. Shutting out whole groups of people simply because of some negative stereotype just limits life's possibilities and pleasures. Not to mention the hatred and scorn eating you away inside. It's not worth it.

Flamenco dancing and Indian music - what a great combination!
1969 said…
I agree. Other cultures are beautiful and fascinating. The more I learn about different cultures, the more I realize that we are all the same despite our differences. And I love a good Indian wedding! The women and their saris are absolutely beautiful.
Liz Dwyer said…
I agree. Racism hinders our development as a society, and some folks can't even see it.

That's true, unfortunately. But goodness, all people are "their own kind". They need to get with it.

It was seriously the best combo ever. I haven't been to such a fun wedding in ages.

Double amen.

The saris were amazingly lovely. My boys were in looove with them - and the ladies wearing them! I'm so glad both backgrounds were well represented.

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