Little Boy On His Skateboard

Santa Barbara + a skateboard + my six year-old son = love.
I love his enthusiasm and his confidence. He says he's going to be the next Tony Hawk. Given that he's been skating since he was four, I wouldn't be surprised if that actually comes true.

I love this little boy.


Ian Lidster said…
I love that photo, Liz. It captures the essence of SoCal (one of my favorite parts of the world) so perfectly for me. Beautifully composed shot of your brilliant skater.
Tracy said…
Too adorable! I can't wait until my 2 year old nephew finds something all of his own that he loves!
Cynthia said…
And when he does, I will say "Hey I know that kid", "Well I don't actually know him but I read about him"
Liz Dwyer said…
It really does capture so much of SoCal. I have a video of some of the other guys there jumping a trashcan - I need to upload it because THAT is super iconic.

Yep, his enthusiasm is what makes me love his love for skateboarding...even though I don't think it's the safest thing on earth, he adores it and that makes me happy.

Haha! He's already talking about entering tournaments and all that! ;)

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