My Got Milk! Milkshake Brings Italian Men To The Yard

Thanks to this insightful lady, I now know I need a note to hand out to all the Italian men I come across. Or maybe I need to make a t-shirt with the following on the back:

Dear Italian Men,
One of you might be married to me in the future. Never mind that I'm already married.
Ti amo,
Los Angelista

Why do I need this shirt? Well, this afternoon I had a nice sit down with psychic consultant Judy Hevenly at the GOT MILK? Milkshake Blogger Event at Los Angeles' fabulous BLD Restaurant. The restaurant was just featured on Food Network show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate".

I know why BLD was on that show because I got to eat one of the best tasting lemon bars I've ever had, made by their pastry chef, Mariah Swan. Swan also created some great milkshakes for us to sample and there were blenders set up so we could try making our own. If you want to you can also make some of her recipes.

While I sipped milkshakes, and tried my hand at blending up a tasty one with fresh mint leaves, I got to socialize with a bunch of my fellow Angeleno lady bloggers.

I had a great chat about not spanking with The Go To Mom, hugged House of Prince and SoCal Mom, and of course, I took some photos and shared with everyone the news about my future Italian husband. Here's me with blogging photographer extraordinaire, Any Given Sundry and the LA Blogger Gal:I also got to say hello to the talented Marsha Takeda Morrison from Sweatpants Mom.
Ooh, and then I met Sandra from Soy Fashionista. As you can see, she is VERY fashionable. I wanted to drag her to the bathroom and rip that gorgeous blue dress right off of her. Clearly, I need her to hook me up with some style so by the time the right Italian man deplanes at LAX, I'm transformed into a certified banger.

On the non-scarlet letter wearing side of things, I have some cute stuff from GOT MILK? to give away to you! You know you want your very own GOT MILK? ice cream scoop, milkshake glass and recipe cards! Just live in the continental United States and leave me a comment and your contact info telling me your favorite ice cream by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, August 4th. I'll pick two winners randomly!

Alas, no, neither a trip to BLD, nor the psychic, nor the Italian man comes with the prize!


D - said…
Even though this has nothing to do with your post, I have to say that your hair is looking amazing :)
ha! I can think of a few women here who would want that shirt.

I agree with what D-said.

BLD has great food. Sounds like a very cool event.
Elita said…
My favorite ice cream flavor, hands down, is Capuccinno Commotion. It was made by Haagen-Dazs and discontinued years ago and I have never tasted anything that could beat it. Still crossing my fingers that they'll bring it back some day.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you! :)

LOL, I'll bet you know a few ladies who wouldn't mind wearing that shirt! And if you see any good prospects, let me know and I'll inform my husband that his replacement is arriving! -- And the hair is ever evolving so thank you!

Don't you hate when stuff you love gets discontinued? Thanks for entering and good luck!
Lisa Johnson said…
That looks like a great time! And I love milkshakes. I don't have one favorite ice cream, but I did just make some yesterday that I'm enjoying and will soon be blogging about. It's Kahlua Coconut.
Romy S said…
My favorite ice cream hands down is pistachio gelato.
Umm ice cream. I've had a low fat lemon curd that's been good.
Carolyn G said…
Chocolate. Just plain jane chcocolate. I love it and can eat it all day.

And I agree, your hair is amazing!
mysskay said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jameil said…
i'm going with coffee ice cream with caramel swirls.
Jameil said…
but don't enter me if winning will DQ me from the visa contest!
Jen said…
Sounds like a great event. Don't know about the Italian men thing, though - maybe the psychic isn't all that... psychic.

And yeah, I'll echo D, too.

As far as ice cream goes - any good gelato, but maybe especially pistachio, lemon or coconut.
The best ever was coconut from a tiny shop called Rajah's on E. 65th St., NYC, which made its own ice cream, along with every flavor gelati in Florence, Italy.

Are you sure you won't reconsider the Italian man as the prize?
Los Angelista,

I have been following your blog for some time now and I always enjoy reading your updates, seeing your latest photos (which by the way; you are beautiful) and I wish that one day, if I ever make it out to blogher (or any other blogging convention) I would love to meet you. You seem like such a fun spirited, cool to be around type of person and I mean this in the most sincerist of ways.

As for my favorite ice cream; it would have to be coffee; I'm all about the coffee stuff!!!

Thanks for the giveaway and post update!

-barbarabaker :)
74 barb @ gmail dot com
Tafari said…
My favorite ice cream flavor is Strawberry. It reminds my of the summer of my childhood days. Cominf in a close 2nd is Butter pecan if you really must know.
CallMeSu said…
My husband and I just found a new favorite...its the Snicker's ice cream. Well, its actually the knock off HEB supermarket creamy creations but it is DELICIOUS!!
mysskay said…
Favorite ice cream would be pistachio. But its hard to find so I usually opt for butter pecan. Although lately I've been pretty big on rainbow sherbet :o)
MicZ said…
Love your blog & your tweets!

Fave ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia!
Ellen said…
There is a place here in upstate NY called Ice Cream Man. It's actually owned by a woman, who took it over and left the name. I went there in the dead of winter and had the most delicious butter pecan ice cream. That was a childhood fave and still is now!
I am so jealous you were at BLD. I saw that Food Network show and want those pancakes!

aka ellenronnie on twitter
@glennia said…
Looks like a fun event. My favorite ice cream is peanut butter & chocolate by Haagen-Dazs.
Anonymous said…
My favorite ice cream flavor since I was little has been Mint-Chocolate Chip. It's always best in a cone.
Adrienne said…
It's a hard tie btwn Peanutbutter and chocolate from BR or just plain vanilla with chocolate sauce.
Lotus Flower said…
Gotta say, can't go wrong with cookie dough and caramel...great more temptations.

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