Depeche Mode, $$, Movies, Evil White Children, BlogHer & My Anniversary!

The bad thing about my falling asleep on the couch with the TV on is that infomercials come on, and then the audio of them gets incorporated into my dreams. It's quite disturbing to dream about air filters and workout plans. And so I cannot focus on one thought at all this morning. So I'll tell you about it all:

1) Chicago + Depeche Mode + Lollapalooza + Today = I wish I was there! But I'll be seeing them in NINE days here in LA. (faints!)By the way, I have an extra ticket to the August 20th show in Santa Barbara because my sister was supposed to go to the show with me but now she can't. If you want to buy it, email me at Added bonus? You'll be standing right next to me, watching me cry tears of happiness that I'm at a Depeche Mode show. You know you want to do that, don't you?

2) Do You Want $100? If you do, you need to enter my back-to-school contest. It ends Sunday and seriously, it's sooo easy to enter. If you haven't yet, you must not want $100. Which means you must be an alien. (Wow, I have aliens reading my blog!) Either aliens or else there are people reading this who do not know how much lipstick can be purchased at the MAC store with a $100 Visa gift card. Or how much damage can be done in Target with $100... you get the point. so enter already!

3) That Drunk/High Mom In NY Who Killed All Those People: On the Today Show this morning, they were talking about how rates of alcoholism in women have skyrocketed 50% in the past few years. And they were talking about mommy bloggers having a culture of drinking. You know, that "mommy wants a cocktail" type of thing. Well, hmm... Today Show, I don't drink. I have no interest in drinking. I don't like alcohol. But what do you think? Are you seeing an increase in drinking in your female mommy friends? (As opposed to your male mommy friends, right?)

4) The Fame Movie: I've started seeing commercials for this film, and, quite frankly, it looks like an episode of Gossip Girl, except with more dancing. It looks like it should be titled Step Up III: Life At LaG! Also, I don't want to see another movie where the people of color are there mainly as set dressing to give the story that "real" urban appeal, while the real character development centers on the white characters making it. Oh, I'm so cynical, aren't I? Thanks, Hollywood!

5) Orphan: My eight year-old saw a commercial for this film and said, "That's not a responsible movie because it's going to make people afraid to adopt little kids." Not only that, hasn't this movie already been done? Haven't we sort of seen where a family adopts a scary child who isn't quite what he/she seems? And how come evil kids in scary movies are always white? How come white folks aren't up in arms over this sort of Evil White Child stereotyping? My white brothers and sisters, stand up and protest! I cannot represent you, because if I stand up and say that as a white person I am offended by the depiction of little white children as psychotic killers, I will not be taken seriously! Trust me on that!

Then again, demand for adopting white children has not, from what I hear, abated despite films depicting them as evil. Hmm... given that, maybe the next scary children movie should be about adopted black children who go psycho on their adoptive parents? Maybe some sort of reverse psychology will work its magic and people will start beating down the doors to adopt little black girls and boys.

Uh huh.

6) BlogHer: I just realized I have yet to write anything of substance about my time at BlogHer. So, let me sum it up this way in case I never get around to it again: It was great and I had a LOT of fun. Yesterday, someone asked me if I got tons of swag. Um, not really. And the stuff I got, most of it I gave away to friends, family, the staff at the hotel and a random lady on the bus. I went to BlogHer to meet people, not get stuff.

Indeed, I met so many nice people. In particular, I loved hanging out with House on a Hill. -- She is sooo very cool and I feel like I've known her for years, even though I'd never met her before the first day of BlogHer.

It was wonderful to meet the phenomenally talented Tami from What Tami Said and Anti-Racist Parent. We'd talked on the phone before since I also write for Anti-Racist Parent, but it was so great to put a face to the name!

I loved winning some I am Beyond clothing from fellow fab LA blogger, Jessica Gottlieb -- and I love her so much that I even went and changed in the bathroom at the hotel and modeled it for her so she could snap a picture of me.

I did engage in some partying, including the LA Moms Blog party (I write for them, too) and the private Brand About Town/Nintendo party on the top floor of the John Hancock building -- gorgeous views by the way.

Also, I got interviewed by Ananda Leeke for her v-log Ananda TV... my gawd, I look like I had barely slept in a week. Probably because I hadn't. See the aforementioned partying comment if you want to know why. Anyway, the interview sums up a LOT of my BlogHer experience.

Yeah, I needed a nap for real! I think someone told me an hour before I filmed that that I looked tired. Now that I see this, they were right!

I ended my BlogHer experience by having a nice long talk with freelance PR pro, Amy Morgan. But we didn't talk PR. We talked parenting, interracial families and life in general. And that's what BlogHer really is about, women sharing their thoughts on life.

And last but not least...

7) Today's My Wedding Anniversary: There's a saying that a carton of milk lasts longer than most marriages in Los Angeles. However, ten years ago today I married Mr. Don't Talk About Me On Your Blog!

I won't get all mushy on you or try to share any deep thoughts about marriage with you. BUT, I keep thinking about how the other night I tortured myself watched that awful reality show Hitched or Ditched and the mom of the guy was saying he shouldn't marry his girlfriend because the girl didn't know how to cook. I found myself yelling at the TV, "You dumbazz! As if cooking is all it takes to stay together."

Yeah, if my marriage was rooted in the various incarnations of tofu stir fry that have been whipped up the kitchen over the years, my husband would probably be my ex and we'd definitely be residing in two different states.

And with that, my five year-old just told me it was time to work on getting buff. Sooo, I'm off to do some pilates because I'm not sure I could actually fit in my wedding dress anymore!


TMCPhoto said…
I used to sleep with the radio on all night when I was a teen and my dreams would incorporate any number of new wave songs (I know I'm dating myself) One in particular stands out: set to OMD 's Dreaming...

I would totally totally buy that ticket from you if I could be in Santa Barabara, I would cry tears of happiness with you and probably spend the rest of my summer in a haze of Depeche Mode bliss. I'm unable to make it to any of the shows due to budget, lack of transportation and family emergencies that put any thought of possibly going up on a really tall shelf in a room with no chairs and the ladder is crazy glued to the floor in the room down the hall... you get he picture (have a blast and sing along for me)

happy anniversary too. A decade is nothing to sneeze at and an awfully good reason to get all mushy mushy
Unknown said…
Shucks! Thanks Liz for the great mention. I feel we have known each other before too! We had SO much fun without one sip of alcohol - Ananda finally caught up with you - I love all the video you did.

Uh hum - LosAngelista Live - coming soon!
Unknown said…

Its raining, but I will wave at your boys ~ Depeche Mode if they perform tonight.
Florinda said…
Happy anniversary, and I'm sorry I didn't get to see more of you at BlogHer!
nick said…
Happy wedding anniversary, Liz. As you say, it takes a lot more than good cooking to make a lasting relationship! Like mutual understanding and give-and-take for a start. Here's to another decade. And another and another.
Unknown said…
Happy Anniversary! Lifting my glass to you (virtual, I am not a drunk mommy blogger. Well, I suppose I drink on occasion but my days of being drunk are far behind me). It was great meeting you in person at Blogher. You know your brought tears to my eyes, thank you for sharing your story. Have fun at Depeche Mode, I know you will be in heaven!
Mes Deux Cents said…

L'anniversaire heureux de noce!

(wow, those free online translation sites make me feel so smart!) LOl
Lola Gets said…
Congrats on your anniversary - I hope you make it a good one!

Id love to enter your "back to school" contest, cause lord knows I need the money (details to be blogged about later), but I cant remember having any negative "back to school" jitters. Im going to keep thinking about it though!

Also, Id love to be FB friends with you, but I cant find your log -in info. Please pop by my blog and use my widget to friend me!

sippinwineman said…
I didn't think you looked tired, but that's just me.

Fame was my movie and TV show, so any other "Fame" just wouldn't cut it.

I've never heard of a movie called "Orphan", but evil white kids have been around (in movies) since before "The Bad Seed". I get the irony (?) about Hollywood/Amerikkkan society

$100?!?! I guess I gotta get busy.
Liz Dwyer said…
That is VERY funny about the OMD song. Love it.

I wish you were able to go to a show this time around. I have been thisclose to putting ALL my tickets up for sale, because money is definitely tight, so I hope the memories will be worth it!

You know, I've been thinking about a YouTube show or a Blog Talk Radio show... hmm. Yes, wave at my boys! Hugs!

Oh I wish! That would've been nice! Thanks for the good wishes.

Thank you so much, Nick! Maybe at the end of the next decade I'll change my mind and say, "It was the cooking that kept us together!" (And maybe I'll win the lottery, too!)

Thank you, thank you! It was a nice, chilled out day. We're going out tomorrow night because our boys will be with friends. And back at you! It was SO very nice to meet you and your fabulous tiara in person. Oh gosh, I will totally be in heaven at DM! Whooo!

LOL, so funny! Yet another reason I love the internet. Hope you are doing fabulous!

Thank you! It is always a good one. We try to take the pressure off to get big presents or do some huge night out, but tomorrow We're going to the Magic Castle. That'll be awesome!

Hmm... if you can't think of anything you worried about, tell me something you were excited about. -- and FB, I'll come hunt you down!

Oh, I was definitely tired! I remember when I woke that morning up after only sleeping for two hours, I actually put a bag of frozen veggies over my eyes because I had such terrible bags!

Anyway, I never saw the Fame TV show or movie but the preview for the new one just looks WACK! -- Isn't that weird to have movies about evil white children? Even Children of the Corn had that. They weren't adopted, but still. Just strange.

Yes, get on it and enter to win!
I actually cried when I saw the extended commercial of FAME on SYTYCD. I think I have some fond memories of that show as a child, coupled with some latent disappointment that my own musical theatre aspirations never came true.

I think I need some counseling. ;)

I used to love Depeche Mode back in the day. Did you ever hear Martin Gore's solo album? He did a cover of "Motherless Child" that could still make me weep.
Phew, you covered a lot in this post.

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Aww! I never saw the show but I've heard it was great and there are MANY people who feel the way you do.

Yep, Mart's solo stuff is cool with me. But I like the individual members of DM better together.

Thanks for the good wishes! I had so much on my mind... but swear I have NOT taken up the coke habits so many of our fellow Angelenos love! ;)
Maria said…
Funny - we just had a conversation about abusive Moms, and the white Moms have mental illness as the excuse... here the white orphans have mental illness too... Am I seeing a pattern?
Liz Dwyer said…
I was watching the Teen Choice Awards and Orphan was one of the choices for best horror film. I think it may have won the award. It was very strange to think that that film was getting cheered by teenagers!
Lotus Flower said…
Ah! LOVED that clip of you! I almost missed that.

And on number 5 - Oprhan was SCARY! Ironically that movie is filled with kids and yet would give kids nightmares for weeks.
Liz Dwyer said…
I almost didn't post it because it's sooo embarrassing, but I want to make sure to steer folks to Ananda because she's great!

Was Orphan really scary? I've found out more about the plot and it definitely seems creepy for sure. I scream if someone says "Boo" so I know I don't need to see it!

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