GOT MILK? Winners, Jody Watley, And, Uh, Winners!!

I was just about to doze off on the couch -- only because I am so tired I seriously don't think I can make it my bedroom... BUT I just realized I never got around to telling you all who won the GOT MILK? giveaway!

Why so exhausted? Because I spent a great deal of my day floating around in the waves off of Venice Beach. It may not sound tiring, but the waves are pretty strong and it is easy to get swept off your feet, even when you're only standing in knee high water. And I chased my kids around in the water and across the sand a lot. Wowzer, what a workout!

Oh, and I picked up yet another sunburn! What is it with me and not being able to apply sunblock evenly? You'd think with all my education, I'd be able to figure it out! Just like the American Idol producers should've figured out some way to keep Paula Abdul! And now that they've let her go, I think they should figure out that they need to get Jody Watley as her replacement.

Hmm, let's listen to a little Jody:

Hasta la vista, baby! OMG, I love her!

Anyway, enough Jody Watley love, let's move on to our winners, winners, winners! Drumroll!!!

Winner #1: Barb at Blogfully! Barb left the most lovely comment for me so when her name came up randomly, I cheered:
"I have been following your blog for some time now and I always enjoy reading your updates, seeing your latest photos (which by the way; you are beautiful) and I wish that one day, if I ever make it out to blogher (or any other blogging convention) I would love to meet you. You seem like such a fun spirited, cool to be around type of person and I mean this in the most sincerist of ways.

As for my favorite ice cream; it would have to be coffee; I'm all about the coffee stuff!!!"
Thank you, Barb!

Winner #2: Mysskay! She said:
Favorite ice cream would be pistachio. But its hard to find so I usually opt for butter pecan. Although lately I've been pretty big on rainbow sherbet :o)
I'll be emailing you two tomorrow to get your addresses so I can pop your prizes in the mail to you!

Also, if you have NOT entered my Back To School Giveaway, what are you waiting for? It ends on the 9th and you can win a $100 gift card! All you have to do is share a back to school story. VERY EASY! Go enter, right now!

Right now! Yes, I get bossy when I'm tired. And there is no one to carry me to my room so I'm going to go crawl across the floor in a poor imitation of Prince in the When Doves Cry video.

And with that, I'm banning myself from saying anything else on this blog tonight!


Jen said…
Ooooo... beaches. Sounds like a lovely time (except for the sunburn). And I agree, that Jody Watley would rock, compared to Karla. Sheesh.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lotus Flower said…
I need to be in Myrtle Beach right're making me long for it Liz...

I like Jody Watley (beautiful eyes!) even though that song always seemed like she was never completely over her she was trying to make him jealous hence the "I'm looking for a new love! YeaYea!Yeaaa!".
Lotus Flower said…
Liz, what is that Anon babbling about??
Daniel said…
Los Angelista!!!
JODY WATLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You got ANY idea how big a crush I had on that Bee-u-tiful girl! LOL!
The fact she actually wasn't a bad singer was just icing on the (Chocolate) cake for me.
OH, MY. You just got my blood pumping (NO jokes!).
Now I need a run! Lol!

And, uh, Los Angelista, did I miss something? I think “anonymous” just had an Out-Of-Body Existential experience on that one, lol!

PS. You got Jody’s number?
mysskay said…
I was on my way to bed and decided to check the contest results --- I'm so excited! Thank you!
I'm so excited...thank you S-O-O much!!!! I can't wait to be contacted...I broke our latest ice cream scooper because I decided to push ice cream down while the blender was going and shattered it. My family's been giving me grief ever since- HAHA!!!

Thanks so much for this!!!!
Chookooloonks said…
Dude, back in the day, I wanted to *be* Jody Watley.
Liz Dwyer said…
I couldn't believe today that they were talking about Katy Perry as a temporary replacement. Or Posh Spice. Does Posh's mouth even move?

Oh yeah, she was totally trying to make him jealous. I have no idea what that Anon comment was about. I was getting worried that I had a weird stalker coming to punish me. But a friend said the text is spam. Still, very nuts!

Oh, I totally commend you for having a crush on her! I had a crush on her, too! If I had her digits, I'd CHARGE folks for them!

I could not figure out that comment. I didn't know if the person was saying they were gonna come punish me or what. Hmm... I may have to take up target practice just to be sure.

You are VERY welcome! Now I just need to head to the post office!

Congrats! You have a new scoop coming your way. I sent you an email so just pop your address back to me.

You and me both. I've loved her since the days when she was on Soul Train and with Shalamar. She's amazing!
Hi Los Angelista,

I couldn't find the email that I replied to you with my mailing address, so I thought I'd see if I could contact you this way (sorry).

Is there anyway you can contact me through my email.

Thanks so much,

Barb :)

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