It's All About Strangelove

Today I realized I'm not against all anonymous comments. In fact, I love some of them!

For example, I'm totally fine with this comment that got left on my post about taking pictures in the bathroom at the Magic Castle:
"You look so hot in that photo!"
Alright now! That's more like it!

All the crazy, ranting, anonymous commenters out there need to take note. Comments like these are how you make a blogger love you, especially on a day when said blogger was not feeling like the stars were aligned as far as hotness is concerned -- but I walked out of the house anyway because sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Am I so shallow that an anonymous comment on my blog telling me I look hot makes me feel better?

What city do I live in, people? OK, that should answer the question for you.

You know what else I love?

You knew that photo was coming, right? I hope so because...

1) There are ONLY 2 days, 18 hours and 27 minutes left until I see Depeche Mode at the Hollywood Bowl! I have a countdown widget on my laptop so I could tell you all the seconds too if you really really want to know.

2) Depeche Mode is going to play this at the concert:

It's hard to choose a favorite Depeche Mode song, but seeing as how I've listened to "Strangelove" more than any other in 2009 -- and by "more" I mean over a thousand times-- this could be it. And it hasn't been played on tour in what, 21 years?

Nope, I've never ever heard it at a Depeche show. So, if you hear of someone getting carried out of the Hollywood Bowl and being zoomed over to Cedars Sinai because they passed out during "Strangelove", you'll know it's your girl.

No kidding, I think I may faint when I hear it live. And in the embarrassing aftermath of being known as the woman with really big hair who fainted during "Strangelove", I will absolutely rely on some anonymous commenter making it all better by telling me that at least I probably looked hot while fainting.


Baino said…
Hey . .I've seen you around a lot and just thought I'd pop over for a look see! Nice blog. Should I comment anonymously? Enjoy Depeche mode. I modelled my dancing style on them . .just looks a bit nana'ish now that I'm 50! Party hard or go home! Cheers from Oz!
nick said…
Oh, Liz, I'm sure there're plenty of us out here who think you look hot, but we're not going to be vulgar enough to keep saying so!

Only two days! Can you contain the excitement?
Liz Dwyer said…
Cheers from LA! Glad you decided to come by and say hi! I've just had some really crazy anonymous comments lately and it's nice to see one that at least doesn't go off the deep end of being psychotic and religiously intolerant.

Love that you enjoy some Depeche Mode, too! I am SO looking forward to the show!

Yeah, it is definitely a little awkward to reply to such a comment because what can I say but "thank you" but at least it's not one of the "you're gonna be punished by God" type of comments that seem to be popping up here lately.

As far as Depeche Mode, I am so excited! There have been some cancellations this tour because of illness in the band (bladder cancer, torn calf muscle) and their show tonight in San Diego is canceled. BUT, I'd rather them cancel the shows I'm going to and be healthy than stop performing entirely because they're ill. :(
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
Oh. I had a complete vision of the Wrong thing.

I’m getting flashbacks of General Jack D. Ripper saying “They are stealing our precious bodily fluids”

I LOVE the Bomb! Gonna go all Slim Picken’s an’ ride that bad boy down! LOL.
Lola Gets said…
Your hair really has grown since your "big chop"!

Liz Dwyer said…
You should come to a Depeche Mode show. Can't wait to see them sing "wrong"!

Yes, it sure has! I need a l'il trim on it!

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