I'm Dunzo

I did Disneyland AND Santa Monica Beach in one day... and then met some dear friends for Thai Food in Hollywood.

Methinks I won't have any problems falling asleep in 3-2-1...


Unknown said…
How is it possible to do Disneyland and Santa Monica in oneday?
Jen said…
I can't even imagine a day like that. Looks like all that marathon running gave you permanent energy!
April said…
Sheer madness!
Anonymous said…
All I can say, darlin' is that you have a lot more energy than I do. I'd be in a state of collapse.
Liz Dwyer said…
Ms.Wooden Shoes,
It does sound kinda crazy, doesn't it, but we were at Disneyland till around 6 pm and then headed to the beach -- stayed out there till after 8 pm.

It was definitely an endurance test, but so much fun!

I could say that about a LOT in my life right now!

I was asleep by midnight last night for the first time in a LONG while! That's my version of a state of collapse! :)

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