Will "Peace" Come To Me? Depeche Mode Says So

It's strange to think that my whole life has been spent with the threat of nuclear annihilation simmering just beneath our surface frivolity.

Or, if I want to take it down from the macro level, I wonder how many wars have gone on in my lifetime.

Our world is filled with so many horrible, horrible things. But there's always the hope for peace, right?

Depeche Mode - "Peace"


In my lifetime there have been very few Mode clips that have actually made sense to me right off the rip. The video is all about PTSD and how difficult it is for some soldiers to adjust to being back in polite society after having served. In the end, she found her peace by going back to war.
Liz Dwyer said…
It totally made sense to me, too since I have family that has served, but I imagine for you, even more so. Yeah, how do you shut it all down mentally and emotionally and just go back to being a dishwasher after all that you experience in war?

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