Zing Zang Zoom With Ringling Bros.

As excited as my sons are to head to Chicagoland later on today (and they're REALLY excited), they're disappointed that Chicago doesn't have something that LA is going to have this summer: Ringling Bros. Circus!

Yes, the circus is coming to town and my boys have been marching around the house over the past few days chanting the name of the latest show, "Zing Zang Zoom", non-stop. That phrase is the Ringling Bros. equivalent of, "Abracadabra!".

This year's circus incorporates something every kid and adult loves: Magic. So, instead of a ringmaster, the Zing Zang Zoom show has a "Magical Zingmaster", magician Alex Ramon.

I met Alex a couple of weeks ago, along with his production assistant Leah Christiana (who is also his sister), the creative director Shanda Sawyer and the special effects master, Jim Steinmeyer. They were holding an event for a local elementary school at one of
my absolute favorite places, Los Angeles' Magic Castle. I got to take my eldest son to it and we had the BEST time ever.

We heard how Ringling Bros. is incorporating the traditions of magical showmanship into the circus, meaning there'll be fabulous tricks like elephants disappearing into thin air. I have no idea how that gets pulled off in front of everybody, which explains why I am not a magician, I mean, "Zingmaster"!

The thing I liked most was that Alex Ramon is really personable, humble, spot-on with his interactions with kids, and he's a Mama's Boy!

Need proof? Even
though this footage of him doing some "close magic" for the kids isn't the absolute best, I love it because at around the 30 second mark, he gives his mom such a sweet tribute.

Aww!!! Wasn't that sweet of him to thank his mom for his success? I also thought it was great for the students to hear how hard work and practice has paid off for him. They definitely were in awe of his talents, and after seeing him, my own son is more convinced than ever that he too wants to learn how to do magic tricks.

If you want to see Zingmaster Alex Ramon and the rest of the Ringling Bros. performers, the circus is playing here in LA at Staples Center from July 8-12, in Anaheim from July 15-26, and in Ontario from July 29-August 2nd.

I'll miss out on the LA and Anaheim shows, but you Los Angeles area peeps should definitely go have some fun at the show.

To help you do that, Ringling Bros. created a special discount code for Los
Angelista readers! A four-pack of tickets is specially priced at $44 when you enter in the code “mom” in the "MC Promotion Box" on Ticketmaster.

If you're a dad, no worries, you can still enter "mom". And no, please don't say I'm discriminating against dads who want to take their kids to the circus! It's just that Alex's story about his mom was so touching so why not have the code be "mom"?

Anyway, you do have to purchase at least four tickets for the code to be valid, but every additional ticket after four is still only $11. No, you're not going to be able to buy the Circus Celebrity/Front Row/VIP seats but that's still a pretty inexpensive night out with your friends and family, especially when a movie ticket at The Grove is $13.

Hopefully we'll be able to catch one of the Ontario shows when we get back, even though the drive out there will probably make me want to ingest copious amounts of some toxic, mind-numbing substance. -- oh wait, I have that covered. It's called breathing in the air on the 10 Fwy.

In the meantime, my mini magicians in the making will undoubtedly be bouncing all over Chicagoland, practicing magic tricks. Gee, I wish my kids would get good enough that they could learn how to make money for college appear out of thin air, or at the very least, figure out a spell for making my eyebrows look perfectly waxed at all times. Wouldn't that be awesome?

If you hear some kids shouting, "Zing Zang Zoom!" on the El, you"ll know it's us!


Gyamfua said…
so are you going to Lalapalooza for Depache Mode? Just saw that on CNN list of best music festivals
Liz Dwyer said…
Hey! How are you? It's been awhile since you said hi!

No, I'm not going to Lolla because I'll be back in LA before then. But I'm going to THREE SoCal Depeche shows later in August! Whoo hoo!
I love the Circus! It's such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Aren't you going to Chicago with the boys?
Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
Have a great trip!
Don't let your guys go swimming in the Auburn Park Pond!
But, that's another 'life story' lol!
Jen said…
Hope it's an easy trip. It sounds like your boys are really inspired by the Zing Zang Zoom thing.
Liz Dwyer said…
I've only seen the circus on TV so it should be interesting to see it live and in person. Yes, we leave tonight on a redeye. I'm ready to go to sleep right now but I have to wait for the plane.

Haha! I'm telling you, you need a blog so you can fill us in on all these life stories!

I hope so, too. I hope Snips the hamster doesn't die while we're gone. It'll be her and my hubby staying here in LA.

They were REALLY inspired by it...although I'll admit that when they started chanting Zing Zang Zoom in the car for like 5 minutes straight, I wanted to KILL them! :)

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