Party Crashers

Wowzer, I just crashed a party going on across the street!

If you think I've lost my mind and need to be put in time out, you are probably on the right track, but heck, I just crashed a party! Hahahahaha!

It all began because my husband decided to take my kids and go drive around Hollywood. I was trying to figure out what to do with my child-free time. I came up with three options:

1) Do a Jillian Michaels workout DVD
2) Watch Casino Royale on TV
3) Go crash the party!

And the party won!

I figured, why not? Jillian wants to make my body hurt, Daniel Craig as Bond will be on TV again, I'm sure, and I figured, since the party had been going on since this afternoon, everybody there would be too trashed to know I wasn't where I was supposed to be.

And I was right! I mean, you know it's an insane party when there's a stretch limo parked out front and people are dancing on the sidewalk in front of the house where the party's at, and in the street... and on the limo driver who was trying to sit on the hood and smoke a cancer stick.

So I slunk my way through the gate and there were easily 100 people in the gated front yard, folks in the pool, a DJ on the front lawn, folks wandering around singing, totally trashed as I thought... and no one said a word to me!

Yes, people started jumping in the pool and stripping... and a few minutes later, somebody offered me coke and was trying to dance all up on me, so it was time to go. X-nay on the drugs, player. So I slid out the gate, ran across the street and came home. I took a shower, put on my PJs and now I'm sitting here listening to their records spinning, almost two hours later. There are no signs of the revelers letting up, but guess what?

This party crashing old lady is going to bed!


nick said…
That's hilarious that you were able to gatecrash some fancy party and nobody even noticed you were gatecrashing! Did you hear any interesting gossip or were they just asking where to find the booze/coke/girls/toilet?
D- said…
How were you dressed?
I'm picturing you in pre-Jillian Michaels workout clothes but if you got in...
Lili said…
Great! I am laughing so loud at the image of you running across the street back home in horror at being confronted with realities of the so-called modern world we live in! Have you recovered yet? LOL!
But seriosuly I would have stayed a teeny weeny bit longer. Just to have even more stories to share with friends later! Mean I know, but hey, why not live dangerously once a year, right?
Liz Dwyer said…
There was a LOT of dancing, boozing, drugs and folks slobbering on each other under the stars. I don't think anybody was having a good conversation about anything at all!

I just threw on some dark-wash jeans, a black shirt, heels, pulled back my hair, put on a pageboy cap and some aviators...cuz you know you gotta wear your sunglasses at night! That would've been REALLY funny to roll up in workout clothes!

Well, the music was great (until they started blasting Ranchero like two hours later) but all the rest of it was a little surreal and weird. It reminded me of the days when I used to go clubbing Wednesday-Saturday in Chicago. I got home like 5 minutes before my kids did and they were totally, "I wanna go to that party! Will you take us?"
Jen said…
That's way too funny. We just don't have parties like that out here on my dirt road.
Jameil said…
hilarity! i wish there was evidence!! lolol
Liz Dwyer said…
Our other neighbors who have loud parties every couple of weeks don't even take things to the level of these folks last night. They were partying so hard, I half expected someone to drown in the pool or pass out on the sidewalk.

Oh how I wanted to take pics of the scene with my camera phone, but half the time I was in shock and the other half of the time I was too scared it might make me stand out, you know,

"Who's that girl over there snapping pictures of everybody and everything?"

"I dunno. Let's go ask her!"

Yeah, I didn't want THAT to go down!
hilarious. Was the party full of "hipsters?"

Shiona said…
Wow! I would have totally gone for option 2.
Liz Dwyer said…
You know it. Silver Lake's finest!

I was tempted but I have the DVD! :)
I think I would have asked the police to crash that party if it went on that long and that loud. But that's just me.

You are far more tolerant of other people's noise than I am these days.
Anonymous said…
I think it was good that you left. That would have been my impulse. Those days were long ago for me.
man that sounds like so much fun! next time call me and i'll crash with you. i'd ditch the coke but stay for the free liquor!
Liz Dwyer said…
I think I'm just used to the noise by now. I sort of expect it, and I don't mind too much on the weekend. If they do it on a weekday though, it's over!

Mr. Write On,
The weird thing is, once I got there, I kept thinking about how great the DJ was, but how I enjoyed the music more from my place. Less drama because that sort of scene has never been my thing. But it made for VERY interesting observations.

Haha... will you jump in the pool, too?

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