A Mural For Michael

I love that I live in a city where there are so many extremely creative people. Even though I lack the skill to create a wall mural like this one located on the side of a building in Hollywood, I love that other people can do this, overnight.
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Unknown said…
great mural. where is it exactly?
nick said…
That was done overnight? Amazing. No doubt there'll be lots more appearing now someone's set the ball rolling.
Jen said…
I like also that the artist seemed to include various elements of Michael's face as it changed over time into the mural face. As a reflection of different parts of his life, if that makes any sense?
Liz Dwyer said…
Ms. Wooden Shoes,

It's in E. Hollywood on Melrose just east of Heliotrope.

Isn't that amazing? I drove by there again today and it wasn't even tagged up yet! But there's a lot of white space there so who knows how long it'll last.

I liked that, too. I also especially like the look the artist captured in the eyes. I wish I could create stuff like this!

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