I'm A Bad Mommy

Whew, I feel like I've been home for like five minutes total all day long. I'm tired. VERY tired! And it's almost midnight and my kids are STILL up.

Yes, I said my kids are still up. I figure, it's summer vacation AND I've already won the bad mommy crown for the day, so I might as well go whole hog and embrace it.

Don't believe me?

1) Breakfast was veggie sausage and canned pineapple. Hey, that's what was in the house because I haven't managed to really go grocery shopping in about a week.
2) They didn't eat lunch till around 3:30, and that was fast food. In-N-Out to be exact.
3) Both went out in public without brushing their hair.
4) The youngest didn't even have socks on.
5) They ate dinner at a neighbor's house with a friend.
6) When I left my house at 7 pm, they were watching TV. When I came home at 10, they were watching TV. That is not necessarily my fault, but dang, that's a LOT of TV!

And now we just finished dancing. I gave my hard core partying neighbors across the street a run for their money by blasting this:

Oh well, there's always tomorrow to be a "good" mommy. Right?


Jen said…
Just sounds like summer to me. Enjoy it!
nick said…
As long as they're enjoying themselves and they're happy, what more do they need? All mommies have their good days and bad days, I'm sure. It's obvious you love them both to bits, and that's what matters.
Jameil said…
i think the dancing makes you a good mommy! the rest of it? i'm calling social services!! lol. all of that sounds like when my mom went out of town and my dad was caregiver no. 1. WE HAD A BLAST!! and i remember those days like nothing else with my dad! lol.
pooneh said…
Sounds like a good day to me....other than the exhaustion factor for you.
Liz Dwyer said…
I made them a good breakfast this morning so I think I've redeemed myself somewhat!

They are definitely enjoying themselves. That's beyond a doubt, although there was some buckwild behavior that I had to put a stop to immediately this morning!

Hahaha! DCFS is gonna be after me for the late bedtimes!

I was so tired my eyes were burning! I still feel like I could sleep more!
Miriam said…
"so I might as well go whole hog and embrace it. "


I know the feeling.

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