Because It's Saturday Night...And I'm Packing

One of you "Type A & Loving It" folks needs to come over and help me pack my stuff.

I leave for Chicagoland in three days. Whoo hoo, except for the packing.

I would not be stressing over packing if it wasn't for the dang baggage fees. $15 for the 1st bag -- so that's $45 each way for me and my boys.

I would really rather spend that $45 on something else. Anything else.

These fees should come with a guarantee of some sort. If they lose your bag, they have to pay you 1000 times the baggage fee. Or, if they lose your bag, somebody gets castrated...because we all know that paying the fee doesn't mean the airline won't possibly lose my stuff.

Just kidding about the castration. (Sorta.)

I'm trying to try to have one suitcase for me and one for my boys, but you know how each checked bag must be under 50 lbs, right? That's room for a bra, my hair products and like three pairs of shoes. Epic fail.

*Note to friends & fam: If I don't look cute when you see me, blame it on airline luggage fees.

How come I can't be like my kids? All my eldest wants to bring is a black Star Wars t-shirt and some black jeans. I tried to explain to him that he's gonna die in that get-up because Grandma and Grandpa do not have air conditioning. He says he'll sit in front of a fan. Oh, okay player.

Hmm... is this a pre-teen goth/emo/alternative stage? He's 8 years old and I would not be surprised if he starts listening to the Cure and saying, "You just don't understand me!" After all, this is on his playlist lately.

My other son just wants to bring his PlayStation and a skateboard. He claims he doesn't need to pack clothes. He'll just wear the same thing everyday, or, "You can buy me some new clothes when we get there."

And with that, 17 more gray hairs sprouted from my head.

Three days to get everything packed into, hopefully, two checked bags. Pray for me.


nick said…
Your kids have obviously got the hang of travelling light - a bit too light. But I still manage to travel even to Australia with just a small wheelie bag, even though most adults seem to have got in the habit of packing everything except the kitchen sink. Perhaps all these hefty baggage charges will cause us to slim our stuff down a bit.
Jen said…
C was totally like your oldest at his age. Black, black, black - goth guy in the making. Then he turned into hippie boy, so you never know.

The worst boy-packing experience? My mom was in a rehab hospital after fracturing her pelvis and D was bringing C, who was going to stay with me for a week and D for a couple of days (I'd already been in NYC alone for two weeks). They arrived, and C had. no. clothes. D had told C to pack, and C packed.... yeah, his Nintendo ds, three bionicles and a book. D hadn't thought to check. C was 10.

Yup... fun times.
I would rather spend $45 on anything but my latest unjustified parking ticket, so I hear you.

If the kids don't need 50 pounds worth of stuff, maybe you could stash a few of your things in their bags?

Have a safe trip and a wonderful time in Chicago!
Lotus Flower said…
Ha, I should follow your sons logic the next time I do a little air traveling.

Baggage fees are crazy! Back in the day any extra charge was included in the ticket price.
Nowadays airlines will even charge you extra for certain seats in the coach section. Next time we should be allowed to just sleep next to the bag of mail and call it a day.
Lotus Flower said…
Liz, have you checked out Southwest? I heard that airline is one of the few that won't nickel and dime you to death over extra fees.
Lisa Johnson said…
Have a great time and enjoy the hot weather! It's freezing over here in the Northeast. I hope we get to have a summer eventually.

I'm still processing the loss of Michael Jackson. There are just so many memories that I have and that people have been telling me. I guess it will take a while...
Liz Dwyer said…
I used to be a really light packer. I don't know what happened! I agree, we have no choice but to slim things down.

HAHA! Oh that is VERY funny! That's about where mine are. Makes me laugh so hard.

Ugh, parking tickets. The cities are out for blood now that they're broke. I'm definitely hoping to stash some stuff in their suitcases. We'll see though. I'm like my son, I wish I could just leave everything here and buy a whole new wardrobe when I get there!

I definitely hope the trip is safe and wonderful. Thanks for the good wishes!

I haven't flown Southwest in awhile. Maybe I should look into them because this is beyond crazy. And if I don't check in online, there's ANOTHER fee! UGH!

Ooh, I'll have to bring some warm weather with me, although I don't mind the cooler weather at all. I just need to remember an umbrella because we were woefully unprepared for rain last summer.

I think processing Michael's death is going to definitely take awhile. The ugly, scandalous stories are already erupting. I'm not looking forward to being bombarded with them.
Dena said…
southwest is definitely the way to go!! no baggage fees for the 1st 3 bags (i think) and they don't charge you extra if you don't do an online check-in.
good luck and i'll see ya in the chi!
sippinwineman said…
Sooooo, I'm guessing that the oldest has never BEEN to Chicago in his recent memory. Neither have I, but I believe Chicago has something that SoCal doesn't. . . . humidity.
Great, great post.
I HATE packing, and I especially hate packing for my kids.
Liz Dwyer said…
No fees for THREE bags? Oh that is amazing! Can't wait to see you! :)

Haha! We were there for a month last summer. He just doesn't remember how hot and sweaty he was at first.

Secret Agent Woman,
Mine boys are pretty easy to pack: jeans, shorts and t-shirts. Me though... I'm dying. Casual clothes, dressy clothes, workout clothes! AAGH!

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