Still in Progress

I know you know I'm not leaving my blog like this! If you want to see what the new template was supposed to look like, click here.

Oh, it was going to be sooo cute but every time I changed something in my widgets, it would wig out. But never fear, I'm building a new one from scratch.

Wish me luck.

And wow, Edwards and Guiliani quit today? Wowzers.


Jameil said…
that WAS cute! awww. both of them have been out of this race so long its almost as tho they were never in it. wait giuliani actually never was in it. there was no way america was voting that guy in. nyers don't even like him and repubs? YEAH RIGHT!! too liberal.
Jen said…
Loved the template now that I've actually seen it! Good luck... computer things drive me nuts.

And I'm kind of bummed about Edwards, even though I'm for Obama. I'm hoping he'll end up endorsing Obama.
Anonymous said…
I love the butterfly - it reminds me of you. Always spreading your wings and exploring new things!!
Liz Dwyer said…
And he was married three times. I know Americans are more open minded than they used to be but they aren't New Yorkers. I sort of thought that would eliminate him from the Republican pack earlier than this. Waay too liberal to get the nomination!

I hope he does as well. And I wonder what some of the unions will do out here in Cali since they'd endorsed Edwards. They send so much political mail to the house and I just got a big thing on that endorsement yesterday! And I love that template too. It was originally all yellow but I added the red -- it wouldn't work so I made it all contrasting yellows again -- and got what you all saw yesterday. :(

Aww, thank you! Now if only I could get the *$%#(# thing to work! Isn't it cute? Sigh, I'm so bummed.
Ian Lidster said…
I'll wait until it's completed. I'm just loving the suspense.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see the new blog background! looks great!

Hmm poor Edwards...the black man and white woman rises to the top while the white man is left in the ironic!
Ooh, pretty! I wish I knew how to do that.

Has your girl hamster been spayed? DO they spay hamsters? Uh oh.

There may soon be a whole lot of little tiny hamsters running in their little tiny treadmill.

You've been warned.

Now it gets really interesting. Edwards was the default setting for all those Dems who refused to vote for a black man or a woman.
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm working on it as we speak! I'm going to try to rebuild it entirely. And if it doesn't work, maybe I'll just keep this one. It's boring, but it's different from what I had! :)

Thanks! And isn't the irony something? I feel for him though. I do think he really cares and it's gotta be a blow to the ego to not even make it onto the ticket like he did in '04.

Uh, I wish I knew how to do it too! LOL! I clearly don't because it won't work!!! AAGH!

I thought about the hamster pregnancy thing because she is SO fat and eats a TON. We'll see though. The pet store said she'd been kept in a separate cage... who knows if that's true or not though.

Yes, Edwards dropping out makes such a conundrum for those folks. They have to walk the talk now for real. I can't wait to see Hillary and Barack one and one in the debate tonight!

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