R.I.P., Techno

I just can't believe it!

Just when I was complaining to my friend Jane about how I didn't feel like changing Techno the hamster's cage, my eldest son came running out of his room with Techno in his hands, screaming, "Mommy, Techno's dead!"

Except he wasn't dead. The poor thing was dying. Still barely alive, gasping his last breaths. I took him from my son and held him until he died, nestled in my hands.

I have no idea what happened. I suppose it was just his time, although I thought hamsters are supposed to live 2-5 years. I guess not this hamster.

He hasn't been sick though. He's only three months old and he's been a happy, healthy hamster. As usual, he was running around like a madman in his exercise ball last night and napping peacefully this morning.

My sons are devastated, particularly my eldest since he helped take care of Techno the most. I'm pretty upset too, because, well, I'm the one who stayed up all night stalking Techno when he escaped. I cleaned his cage three times a week because I have a really sensitive nose. I put him in his exercise ball and let him roam around for 20 minutes at a time. Needless to say, we really bonded.

We put him in a small box and buried him under a tree in our backyard. My eldest is ever the scientist, remarking that "rigor motor" had already begun. He cried so hard as I wrapped the body in a little burial shroud of tissue.

So, Techno, rest in peace and thank you for being a part of our little family. I'm sure we'll be adopting one of your cousins soon.


the joy said…
How sad! But your sons had an experience and grew today.
Anonymous said…
Aww, it's always sad when a child loses a pet! We had a dog for just two days before he ran away, and somehow in that two days I became completely attached to him and thought my world would fall apart once he was gone. Ironically, it took me, oh, about two days to get over it.
Jameil said…
awww. my hamster's decline was slow and painful. i was kind of glad when he died so he was less miserable. RIP Techno & Furball!
Miz JJ said…
Awwww. You a good mommy. Rodents freak me out. That would be daddy's chore. LOL. He looks almost cute though ;-)
R.I.P. Techno.

I agree with miz jj. You are a good mommy.
Liz Dwyer said…
The Joy,
They had a fish die last year but I think they're taking this one so much harder because they could actually hold Techno and play with him. Heck, I'm taking it harder! It is a growing experience though, that's for sure.

I think T might already be over it but O woke up at 6 AM crying. He's really sensitive, and now he's asking me deep theological questions about how come animals don't have souls and if Techno was in pain before he died.

Oh, poor Furball to have such a painful death. Yeah, I'm glad Techno wasn't suffering for a long time. It's a good lesson for the boys that Death doesn't always send you a note saying that he's coming.

Miz JJ,
He was really super cute but he was definitely my chore! I don't think my husband ever held him, not even once.
Liz Dwyer said…
Aww, thanks. But last night I had a bad dream that I'd buried him alive and he chomped his way out of the box and told the kids...and then they hated me forever!
Nerd Girl said…
Good googleymoogley! I'm going to get fired for screaming when Techno's picture popped up on the screen.

Selfish, rodent-fears aside, I am sorry that your boys had to experience the loss of their pet. Our dog is 13 - and I dread the day I have to explain to Lovegirl that he's gone.
Liz Dwyer said…
Nerd Girl,
Whew, 13? I dread that day on your behalf.

Aww, don't be afraid --he's only a rat-cousin, which is kinda gross when I think about it, but he was so cute and harmless!
thailandchani said…
Oh, geez! How sad for your son!
Kari Carlson said…
Mr Taylor is the texting king. However, I'm not sure why he's not on facebook esp. since Andre's the one who convinced me to join. We'll see what I can do. ;) Maybe if we both invite them.
Liz Dwyer said…
It really is sad. I don't want to minimize or dismiss whatever grief they might be feeling and I know there are plenty of people who will think, "It's just a hamster! Get over it!"

Well I'll just send him text messages that say, "Facebook, Now!" in them. Gosh, Facebook should hire us to do promotions if we can get them on there!
Unknown said…
So sad about Techno. He was well loved and also brought many many people a chuckle! He will R.I.P. and be greatly missed.
Lola Gets said…
Oh, Im so sorry!
Mes Deux Cents said…

When I was a kid I had a kitten named Buzz. My mom wouldn't let me keep her in the house. So I had to put her in the garage. On her second night in the garage a tom cat got in and killed her.

I haven't had a pet since.

Sorry about Techno, I know how your kids feel.
I'm so sorry. It doesn't matter what kind of animal you lose. All are unique and deserve to be cared for and then missed. Techno was a part of your family and it's sad that he's gone.

I hope the boys heal from their sorrow quickly, and you too, Liz.
Jen said…
I'm sorry for Techno, but glad he had such a good home while he was around.
Liz Dwyer said…
I have a friend visiting from Michigan and she brought her 5 year-old daughter with her. It's been so sweet seeing my boys explaining Techno's death. They're really missing him.

Thank you. They say they want a new hamster today, but I'm not sure if I'm ready.

Oh that's such a horrible story. How awful for you...how awful for that little kitty.

My sons are missing waking up in the middle of the night and hearing him running on his exercise wheel.

I'm sorry for him too. I feel like I was a good hamster mommy. There must have just been something else going on with his health.
Sundry said…
So sorry to hear this. It's kind of amazing that you actually were able to witness the actual moment of passing with your kids, though.
Unknown said…
RIP Techno. I hope your sons are able to cope. I am sure they will find a friend in one of techno's cousins

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