Barack Obama Made Me Cry

I've been crying. Whenever I cry I get a really bad headache. But this headache is absolutely worth it, and gosh, there's a reason Tylenol exists in the world.

I think I may need that Tylenol to be extra strength because I'd willingly cry some more.

Unless you live under a rock or have been in a coma, you know that Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucus tonight.

It is a watershed moment in this nation's history to have a black man win the Iowa caucus. That goes without saying and I know that's some of why I cried. After all, I was not yet born when former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm ran for president and in my lifetime, I've seen Rev. Jesse Jackson run. I've seen former Senator Carol Moseley Braun run. I've seen Rev. Al Sharpton run.

And, well, you couldn't have paid me to vote for Al Sharpton if it had come to that. So it's not just pride in seeing someone of African descent a state that's almost 95% white no less.

It's more than that.

Did you see Obama's victory speech? It was one of the most moving things I've heard in a minute. I wish I could find it online and embed it here but it doesn't seem to be up in it's entirety yet.

**Edit: Thanks to commenter Arrowhead Addict, here's the speech:

Seriously, the man was on fire. Not that the other candidates didn't have some good things to say, because they did. I actually sat here and watched MSNBC for a minute so I could check it all out.

But Obama's speech was the sort of speech that gave me chills from the first moment he opened his mouth. The man said, "We are one people and our time for change has come." The crowd went crazy. And I cried.

Everywhere in our world are the signs that our disunity is only killing us. We are surely one family, inextricably linked together and the call for unity of this human family...that's what resonated in people's hearts. It makes sense and whether Obama wins or loses, this was a great night in American history.

And now I'm off to rummage for the Tylenol.


Here's that speech link:

Go Obama!
Liz Dwyer said…
Arrowhead Addict,
You're fab. Thank you so much for hooking me up with the link.
Anonymous said…
We're going down to Obama's ancestral Irish hometown of Moneygall this weekend to celebrate together with a group of US expats!
Jen said…
I'm feeling hope for this country for the first time in a long time.
1969 said…
I was so proud of him. So proud of our Iowa for voting for the candidate and not for the color.

His speech at the Democratic Nomination was and still is the best but I love me some Obama! :)
Jameil said…
yay barack!! i've already donated to his campaign twice. can't wait to donate again if he takes the democratic nomination.
This is such an incredible moment.

There was such negativity thrown his way by the former front runner. How he handled himself says a lot about his character.

Now it's on to New Hampshire. The race is close there as well. It's Hillary's firewall state. We'll see what happens. Barack has the momentum, she's in trouble.
SheWhoLives said…
Hi Liz,

What a moving post - I can really sense your emotion!

Perhaps because I am not American and therefore a more removed from the situation that I feel a bit more detached than youself... We get good coverage of the US elections over her (UK) but it's not really something anyone talks about too much, to be honest. Anyway it is a wonderful thing. I wanted to share with you my comment I just left on Mes Deux Cent's blog about this very same subject:

"I know very little about Obama's politics but his presence represents alot more than that, which is central to what you're saying, really.

He symbolises something very powerful and his success so far should rightly gladden the hearts and minds of black Americans. BUT. The only thing which matters as far as I'm concerned is what a person DOES with power if and when they get it, regardless of their race. When Obama becomes part of real, lasting change for black folks then - and only then - will I really praise his efforts.

Until then, I will reserve my judgement and say "well done" nonetheless."

Hope you understand where I'm coming from :-)

P.S. Try not to take too much Tynelol, drugs are baaaad! (lol)
BZ said…
halleluiah! I pray this moment shakes the doubt from all those, especially black people, who said, "America's not ready for a black president."

What a speech!!!! I don't cry. But it sure as hell gave me the chills and had me clapping my hands and saying, "Amen!"
Thanks so much for this!!! I clapped so hard!
Ian Lidster said…
I'm both surprised and delighted by that outcome. Race notwithstanding,if I'd been eligible to vote there, he'd have been my first choice.
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh that is really really cool. I wanna come too. (Looking for credit card to see if charging a trip to Ireland is possible! LOL!)

In all seriousness, if he wins, folks will probably be able to market tours there and folks will start selling Moneygall dirt on Ebay!

Me too. I woke up this morning feeling so hopeful and so inspired that change is coming!

That's exactly it. I think anybody that would say they only voted for him because he's black is totally missing the point of how awesome he is.

And gosh, I remember that speech at the DNC because I turned to my husband and said, "He needs to be president!"

I'll bet he raises a lot more money now. And I wish the $ thing wasn't so tied to politics, but if he doesn't play the game, he loses.

Isn't it incredible? He has SO much class and determination. The content of his character really shines through. I loved how he acknowledged his wife last night. That was beautiful.

Gosh, I was sooo emotional, wasn't I? LOL! And I couldn't even find the Tylenol so I just made some chamomile tea.

I'm sure lots of people around the world feel the same that you do. Obama winning probably isn't the biggest news story in India or Ecuador so if folks in the UK are not following this the way America is, not surprising. I'm from the Chicagoland area and have family there (both black and white) and both praise what he's done as Senator, so we'll see what goes down. I hope he has the opportunity to prove himself.

This morning I remembered how last year on Tavis Smiley's "State of the Black Union", folks were dissin' and dismissin' Obama and saying they weren't impressed with him. I hope they're eating crow this morning. Seriously, what a speech! It was sooo eloquent and moving. Who could not be impressed with such big picture vision! --And c'mon, join the crying bandwagon! LOL!

I'm so glad arrowhead addict gave me the link because I was digging around on youtube and coming up with nothing!

You know, I was almost afraid to turn on the TV to find out what the results were because I think he's so amazing and I was sort of preparing myself to be disappointed. Gosh, I am so relieved. This is such a great thing to see happen.
Tafari said…
I heard bits & pieces of the speech & was go Barack! I am happy for this moment in history & look forward to seeing more history being made over the next few weeks but I am reserving my tears until we hear the big speech!

Liz Dwyer said…
Oh, if he wins the whole thing, I'll probably be a total wreck for days! Wouldn't that be something???
the last noel said…
This was history making. I remember growing up in the 80's, wondering if I'd ever see an African American president in my lifetime. I just might see it and I'm not an old geezer yet.
He's my candidate. And I would vote for him even if he were white. :) I'm thrilled.

I think what's really shocking is that in all the years our country has been in existence, we have never had a black president.

We are long overdue for a chief executive with brains, heart, decency, and all his other wonderful qualities that have been absent from that office for so long.

Dare we to imagine that we might be on the threshold of a new world in which we are all one race, human?

I pray that this is so, and that I am alive to see it.
Liz Dwyer said…
I remember feeling that was as well and being sort of convinced it would never ever happen. I definitely think we might see it...and just think, maybe before our next birthdays!

It does feel like we're on the brink of some sort of monumental societal change, like we're approaching a sort of tipping point. Barack is a part of that but it's also the way so many people have mobilized to speak up and have their voices heard. It's truly inspiring.
Mamita Umita said…
Aren't you jealous that he is MY Senator?!
I adore him, and I cried too.
Liz Dwyer said…
Yeah, I'd trade Barbara Boxer for him any day. LOL!

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