Klingon and Orama go to Disneyland

After a few days away, I'm finally landing back on Planet Blog.

I've missed you all! I've had so many things I've wanted to post about but I haven't and I've neglected coming over to visit everyone else's blogs. Tsk. Tsk. Shame on me.

It's just that spending 16 hours at Disneyland on Saturday left me exhausted and my dear friend Jane and her five year-old daughter were here visiting. I felt like it would not be polite to have company come all the way from Michigan and then be like, "Excuse me while I go catch up on my blogging." That, and we were running around having fun so I wasn't even home most of the time! Whew! The house feels so super quiet without her cute little girl around.

Anyway, Disneyland on Saturday was cool. We got there at 9 AM, stayed till midnight, rode everything worth riding because I am the type to go to Disneyland with a plan and a schedule. I mean, you better have a plan to get all the bang for your buck you can since it's like $56 per person to get into the park!

Yes, Disneyland is fun but the only diversity there is in the crowd. I guess they've missed out on MLK's dream in their hiring practices. Do they have an unspoken rule there to not hire more than one black, Latino or Asian actor or actress for the entire park? I mean, the only time I saw a significant number of black cast members was during the "Jungle Cruise" when the "guide" pointed out the cannibals.

Oh wait, those weren't even real people. Nope, the cannibals are just wax statues.

Even in the "Parade of Dreams" where actors and actresses dress up as the characters and march down Disney's Main Street, the only non-white performers seemed to be on the "Lion King" float. I guess those Disneyland execs can't find a diverse group of performers for those roles. Poor things. I know they've got to be trying! There must be no one qualified in all of Southern California!

Where could those execs find some qualified talent? Hmm... Oh, I know! I'm sure there were lots of fab performers at LA's Kingdom Day parade yesterday! Maybe some Disney scouts need to go hang out there to get some fresh and diverse talent.

I do feel sort of guilty that I didn't attend any observances but at least I didn't do like I did in 1996 and end up going to the Jerry Springer show on MLK Day. One of these days I'll have to tell you that story, but today, alas, will not be that day. I will only absolve myself of all blame by saying that at the time I had no idea who or what Jerry Springer was.

Speaking of Springer, I did feel a little like I was watching an "edumacated" version of that infamous show during last night's CNN Democratic debate. I was just waiting to see who was going to jump from behind a podium and start throwing blows.

My eldest son kept asking me, "Do Hillary Klingon and Orack Orama need to go to time out?"

Nah, they don't need a time out. They just need to go to Disneyland. The next debate clearly needs to be held at Disneyland. Just think what a positive effect debating in the "Happiest place on earth" would have on the candidates!

I can picture it now...Klingon and Orama holding hands while riding Space Mountain. Klingon and Orama eating ice cream while standing in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean. Klingon and Orama buying matching mouse ear hats...

Coming back down to reality, my eldest son asked me this morning, "Mommy, do you think Hillary Klingon is going to vote for Orack Orama?"

Um, yeah. Disneyland or no, my son might have to hold his breath on that one.


Jen said…
Okay, Liz, laughing out loud again. So much so, that my ds asked what was so funny, and now he's cracking up at the comments of your ds AND your suggestions for the two candidates at Disneyland.

Glad you had a good time there. The only time I was there was with 250 Soviet administrators and apparatchiks, along with the occasional Soviet athlete or movie star and 150 U.S. peace activists, as part of our "peace march" across America. Definitely worth a post some time. You brought back memories...

But now they'll be replaced with Obama and Clinton buying mouse ears together!
I don't think Klingon and Orama care for each other. ha!

I didn't know the park was that expensive. wow. I went to Disneyworld in high school as part of a band trip. Everything was free (well not technically since I had to sell a lot of cookies).
Liz Dwyer said…
At first I was like,"Orack who? Klingon who?" but he clarified, "The ones that were arguing on TV last night." Then he said, "Maybe we should just keep the old president instead of getting a new one, huh?" Um, noooo dearie. I was VERY happy to explain the concept of term limits.

I am trying to picture all of those Soviet folks at Disneyland. Did they wear jeans like every other person at the park or did they wear uniforms?

I wonder how much money I could make if I had a picture of Obama and Clinton together buying mouse ears. Hmm...

Oh no...they either hate each other or we were witnessing some sort of sick, twisted sexual tension being acted out on stage. I highly doubt the latter is true so it must be that they would draw blood if they could.

Yeah, Disneyland is no joke. And that's just to get in. My husband got in free because of his job but still, that's why we go once a year. I've never been to Disneyworld but I hear it's better than Disneyland.
Jameil said…
LOL. THEY HAVE TO TAKE ME!! that's my stipulation. disney is trippin for the lack of diversity. i think you should send them a letter. lmao@ jerry on MLK day!! i think you violated some sort of black code by doing that!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Yeah, two colleagues were all, "Wanna go to a talk show that's having a discussion about race relations?" My dumb behind was all, "Sure! Sounds exactly like what we should talk about on King Day." Oh, it was a disaster!

I do think I will send Disney a letter. It really is just out of pocket to not have a more diverse cast there.
1969 said…
I love that name. From now on, she shall be known as Hilary Klingon!
Lola Gets said…
Girl, you got me laughing at the library! I think Klingon and Orama need to go on Jerry Springer. Thatll fix'em!

tamigill said…
Great post, Liz!! Too cute! :-)

Back in March of 2007 I posted on my blog about Mr. Walt Disney. This was around the time that Disney announced that they were creating a black princess character for the first time. There is a biography of Walt Disney that describes the type of person that he really was. Of note was the fact that he is on record of saying that he didn't want Blacks working at Disneyland because, in so many words, he felt that it would destroy the fairytale image he wanted to create for his guests!! Yikes!

I live closer to Florida and have only visited Disney World, but when I read what you wrote it got me wondering if that thought hasn't carried over to the present time!
anno said…
"Do Hillary Klingon and Orack Orama need to go to time out?"

This will keep me secretly amused all day.

Came here via jen of a2eatwrite, and I'm glad I did...
Liz Dwyer said…
Well, I don't know if the name exactly fits since Spock once said Klingons lack tear ducts and we all know Hillary Klingon can cry...

I just wonder what the audience will start chanting during the fight.

I remember about that movie. I wonder what's up with it/if it's started filming. Disney saying that is just sickening. I wouldn't be surprised if it's carried over to the present.

Hi Anno,
Welcome! Glad you came over to visit as well. I am amused by the prospect of "time out" as well. Just imagine, if one candidate starts to interrupt, Tom Brokaw puts them in the time out corner - and they can't come out until they can show us they know how to raise their hand and wait to be called on!

Alas, just a fantasy, but maybe it would make them talk about real things instead of just trying to one-up each other.

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