To-Do List Overload

I keep two to-do lists, a personal list and a professional list. I like to cross things off of both but this week I found I was mainly crossing off the professional list and neglecting the personal list. I'd post a picture of my list for you but I can't find my camera right now. All week long I said, "I'll just do this on Saturday." Well, now it's Saturday and good grief, my head might explode.

At the top of my list is, "Pay bills." Sounds fun, I know. But with the magic of online banking, voila, it's done. Now I know how much money I have to waste when I venture out in search of a new fish tank later this afternoon.

Right now, I'm going to get my jacked-up hair done. I've worn it in a very Victorian, school-marmish bun all week and I can't take it anymore. I also have to get my squirrel-tail looking eyebrows waxed. I thought of cancelling my appointment but my hair is a mass of split ends due to too much flat-ironing. Soo, I have to be at the salon at 10:30...I know, that's 13 minutes from now. I'll be leaving my house in a hot second. No, I haven't broken up with my stylist yet so I probably won't emerge till around 2 pm, if I'm lucky. This is problematic since that's a good chunk of time that I could be using to do other stuff. Ahh, the price of beauty. That's where the fun ends though.

The rest of my afternoon will be spent buying and setting up a fishtank, acquiring new bathmats and kitchen towels, going to the grocery store, picking up suits at the cleaners, cleaning my house and... on and on and on.

Enough blogging...I'd better get started.


Will it be a salt or freshwater tank?

I think a woman's hair occupies a disproportionate amount of time and energy compared to say, ones elbows.
the last noel said…
In addition to all of this, have you spent any time writing?
Mamita Umita said…
Are you replacing Nemo then?
Liz Dwyer said…
HISF, it will be a freshwater tank. I researched one that was reasonably priced and cute but when I went to my local Petco, it was out of stock. Then they recommende the $200 fishtank to me. Needless to say, we did not acquire a tank this weekend.

Noel, you mean other than this blog? See, I love that you are asking this question because I'm guessing you already know my pitiful answer. Lately, I am not even doing the ten minutes a day. I started trying to do nanowrimo and then got a big nano F. But, if I give up this blog, that could free up the ten minutes or more.

Sonia, We are trying to replace Nemo. Hasn't happened just yet. My goodness, we are on CP time even when it comes to replacing a fish.
Can't do the fish thing. I am like Jack Kevorkian(sp?) in that aspect. Fish WANT to die under my care.

Here's hoping we ALL get that to-do list done in the next week or so.

Or we all meet for a cocktail if not. ;)

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