Bobby Brown Really IS Kinda Crazy

My husband and I just got back from a Hot 92 Jamz concert featuring Zapp, Boys II Men and New Edition with Bobby Brown. We'll get to Bobby in a minute. But first, let me give you a few of the highlights.

Pre-Show: We had VIP passes so prior to the concert we got to go into this lounge area. I know, VIP, it sounds so chi-chi. They did have free food and drinks but it was mostly just a bunch of single black women standing around staring daggers at the brotha who brought in a blond with these humongous breast implants.

Ten minutes before the show was supposed to start, we figured we'd head to the restroom and then go find our seats. Wowzer, ladies restrooms are great places to eavesdrop. I got to hear this exchange, "Yeah, I must've fucked all of New Edition after a show of theirs...must have been ten or fifteen years ago."

Her friend replied, "Girl, you always wuz nasty!" The first woman than said,"Not anymore since I got saved. Plus that was 30 pounds ago and I'm too old for that shit now."

Thank goodness I have a little notebook in my purse to catch these little gems.

Zapp: They came out in matching yellow pimp suits and did their greatest hits. "Computer Love" sounded especially great. I'm not sure if the woman in the group is the same woman that's been with them all along but she danced her butt off in a form-fitting gold flapper style dress. One thing I love about black folks is that this woman probably weighs around 200 lbs and that's not seen as some sort of impediment to her being on stage. Black people still yelled, "Work it out, girl. Shake it!" and cheered for her.

Boys II Men: They sounded very good but they have a lot of slower ballad songs. The tipsy lady on my left kept sharing her life story with me, "This is the song me and my husband made my son to."

New Edition: Before New Edition came out, the radio station personalities highlighted all the stars that were at the show. You know how they say, "Ladies and gentleman, Janet Jackson's in the house. Tyrese is here. Shar Jackson (Keven Federline's baby momma) is here and you know she's got all the money." Then it was time for New Edition to come on.

The lights dimmed. The crowd stood and roared. And nothing happened for a good fifteen minutes. What was happening back there? You can imagine the theories of what was going on.

Finally, they appeared. Ralph Tresvant is still hot and his voice actually sounds better than ever. Johnny Gill and Ricky Bell also worked it vocally. They all have the dance moves still which is pretty amazing to see given that they're all almost forty.

And then there was Bobby... who said, after singing one song, "Y'all Need To Get Some Of These Stars Up Here... Cuz I'm Tired!" During "My Prerogative" Bobby stripped off his shirt and began unbuttoning his pants on stage. I thought I was going to see a certain, ahem, part him naked, a horrifying image for sure. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am relieved he only settled for copious amounts of bumpin' and grindin', especially since he was quite obviously aroused. I think he had some really small man-boobs too. It was a bit hard to see so I couldn't tell for sure, thank goodness.

Oh, there are so many more observations I need to put down about Bobby's antics, but it's two in the morning and I fell asleep while typing just now. It's raining outside so chances are, I'm going to sleep great, dreaming about hearing New Edition singing my favorite song by them, "Can You Stand the Rain?"


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