One Good Reason To Like Cell Phones

"Do you really like Los Angeles?"

Every time I go back home to the midwest, I get asked this question. Let me tell you, today, I really like Los Angeles.

You see, before cell phones, I couldn't sit outside in the sun, talk on the phone and taunt my family. Now I can call them all up after their winter wonderland has made national news. I can snidely ask, "So, what's the weather like there?"

Mean? I know, it is. I will repent in my prayers before I go to sleep. But, I couldn't help further twisting the knife by saying, "So what are you doing today? Oh, shoveling snow? How many inches did you get? Four? Well, it's about 70 degrees here. It feels so cold. Yeah, I'm going up to Santa Barbara tonight. I think it's going to get down to like 40 there. It'll be freezing."

They'll get their revenge eventually when they call me up in the future to inquire, "So, what was that earthquake really like?"


You called it. My relatives, buried in an avalanche, would still ask me how I can live in California when everybody knows The Big One will make Arizona the new West Coast.
Anonymous said…
you look fine in this pic, mighty fine!!
Liz Dwyer said…
I was actually so tired and a bit crany that day so you are too kind to say so. I posted this photo since it was taken while I was talking to my sister, hearing about all of the snow she got back in the midwest. ;)

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