Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Get Presents

Today is our office Christmas party. I mean, holiday party. Well, whatever we're calling it these days. Since I somehow ended up being the main planner of our shin-dig, I've entitled it, "Eat, Drink, Be Merry, Get Presents"...because I like to do all those things.

Everyone has to bring a dish of food to eat, drink some sparkling merry by not talking about work even though we're at work, and bring a present to exchange in our white elephant gift exchange. I secretly want my present, a copy of the cult classic movie, "The Warriors". I found it at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd. When I saw it, it literally screamed, "Buy me for the white elephant gift exchange!" This should be interesting since I primarily work with women and, this is so sterotypical of me to say this, but I'm not sure how many of my female colleagues even know what the movie is.

The movie came out in 1979 and is about these gang members that have to make it back alive to their hood in Coney Island. They also all wear really cheesy outfits! I only found about it about ten years ago because there was this house music tune that sampled a lyric from the movie, "Can you dig it?" I was obsessed with finding out where the sample came from. Turns out, all I had to do was ask any guys I knew. They could recite lines from the film verbatim.
An interesting side-note is that this film is being in the process of being remade and set in Los Angeles starring real gang members, a la City of God. Clearly we have enough gang members out here to make a few movies. Plus, New York is too clean nowadays to really be believable as the setting for this film.

Anyway, we're going to play white elephant where people can steal presents. We'll see who ends up with the movie. I wonder if it'll be me!


Polyman3 said…
I can dig it, foxy lady.
Love that movie, everytime I see it I walk my surburban neighborhood like a character from East Side Story, looking for some action. Pretty groovy.

Have a nice party and don't forget the mistletoe.
Anonymous said…
Count me as one of those women who's never heard of "The Warrior" (but now I'm thinking I shoudl go rent it or something...) Have a good time at your office party!
Liz Dwyer said…
The thought of mistletoe and kissing anybody at my job...ewww. Not that I don't adore some of the folks I work with but...

The party was great. It was hilarious because one of the ladies picked the movie and when she opened it, all three of the straight guys on the team were immediately, "Oh man, The Warriors!" The women were all, "Eww..What's this movie?" To further add to stereotypes, my gay brother in the office had no clue what The Warriors was either. I was dying with laughter. As for me, I went home with a yellow umbrella (because it rains so much here) and a matching scarf as a present.
I am so old I remember going out on a date to see the Warriors (but not so old--I only had my license for a year). It was the coolest thing I'd seen and I have it on DVD.

"Warriors...come out to play-ah!"
Liz Dwyer said…

Did your date like the movie? If so, you should have kept her!

I would have loved to see The Warriors in a theatre back in the day. Goodness, that's a memory to treasure right there.

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