Twas The Night Before Mother's Day

I know it's the Saturday night before Mother's Day because:

1) Mongolian Death Worm: I'm watching a SciFi SyFy channel original film titled Mongolian Death Worm. My always hungry nine year-old actually asked, "Is Mongolian Death Worm the same as Mongolian BBQ?" and so now he and his six year-old little brother are yelling at the characters, "Run! Don't let the Mongolian BBQ eat you!"

2) I Can't Contort Like Tracy Anderson: I've been a little interested in the whole Tracy Anderson exercise method - not her dancing DVDs but the mat DVDS. Well, tonight I watched this 20 minute workout from her web site and um, the moves she starts doing at the 7:30 mark - I already know my body does not bend up like that. I didn't try it because I'm still in some pain from last week's car accident but, c'mon son! YOU try it and see if you can do it and let me know if you can.

3) She Says I'm Not Romantic/I Say She's Too Dramatic: All week long I've been obsessed with the video for Chromeo's song "Night By Night".

My kids banned me from listening/watching it anymore without headphones on but I'm taking advantage of it being the night before Mother's Day to play it again even though they're complaining!

4) Boon-yawn: I've never been a big Boondocks watcher/reader but there was so much hype on Twitter about this season's episode premiere that I decided to tune in. I didn't laugh not once. I see the re-run is coming on again tonight. Yawn.

5) Three Berry Cake: I went to lunch with the fam today and we got a slice of delish 3 berry cake.

You see why I need the Tracy Anderson workout?

6) Nice People Make Me Cry: I got teary-eyed twice this week because of people's kindness in the aftermath of my accident. Carmen Dixon from All About Race sent me some BEAUTIFUL flowers and wished me a speedy recovery.

That's me on Friday with my lovely blooms. Wasn't that sweet of Carmen?

And then, before my tears could dry, the wonderful folks at Old Navy emailed me and gifted me with a massage at a local spa! I wanted to go today but I couldn't work it out schedule-wise. I hope to head there soon. My back and neck need it.

It's just so nice to sit here watching the Mongolian Death Worm terrorize and think about how there's still kindness in the world.

7) My House Is a Disaster: We're ripping up all the wall-to-wall carpet in our place. There are very nice hardwood floors underneath the carpets but our house is a disaster due to moving everything all around... so I know it's the night before Mother's Day because I'm not scurrying around trying to clean it.

8) Now My Kids Are In Bed: The worm movie is over and I put the boys to bed. Ain't nothin' going on except me watching SNL and typing this. But I'm happy because before they said goodnight they said, "We have a surprise for you tomorrow!" I wonder what it could be!


Val said…
Happy Mother's Day, Liz!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank you, Val!

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