The Good And Bad Of A Holiday Weekend

It's a holiday weekend... Memorial Day Weekend, to be exact. Here's a bit of what's good and, to keep it "fair and balanced" a little of what's bad:

My kids screamed while twirling around on mechanical swings. This is very gratifying since they've previously said things like, "Those are for babies. I can handle real rollercoasters!"


Hot weather and holiday weekends lead to questionable outfits. I won't be surprised if I see those tattoo sleeves on an upcoming VH1 reality show.
This church in Orange County is proud to advertise that their "mission" is prayer + warfare + martyrdom. But don't be afraid! Look how peaceful that sky and ocean in the poster seem!

I have several snarky comments I could make about this banner, especially concerning what would happen if it was hanging up outside a black church or even a mosque, but I'll be quiet.

Everybody and they momma has clearly deserted Los Angeles this weekend. This is a view of the northbound 110 Freeway at the Four Level Interchange at 5 pm today. Normally it's insane bumper to bumper traffic... So I have a request: If you went out of town, don't come back. I like this "holiday lite" traffic. I could get used to this!


nick said…
Isn't it great when everyone else heads out of town and leaves a fabulously peaceful vista behind? It's like that here right now, including the total absence of kids being dropped off at the three nearby schools.

I'm amazed that slogan outside the church is permitted, and nobody has torn it down....
Pedraum said…
It reminds me of this:
Liz Dwyer said…
It's the BEST to have no traffic around. It made me wonder if this is what LA was like in the 1950's.

My editor says he thinks it might be a bad translation on that sign. I'm hoping that's the case.

The "fast path" to spirituality? "Many have called this journey hard. We call it harder, faster and more outrageous. Good grief, I think I'll pass.

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