Thank You To My Brave Son

Dear Brave Son Of Mine:

Yesterday we took a trip to the annual Bug Fair and now that I'm all the way across the country in New York, I realize I there are a few things I want to thank you for.

Thank you for remembering your manners. I love how you ask the scientists and owners of the bugs, "May I please hold your tarantula?"

Thank you for listening so carefully to the instructions those scientists and owners gave you. When they said, "Don't make any sudden movements when holding that spider," you took them seriously.

Thank you for being brave enough to hold a gentle tarantula. I admire your courage and curiosity. I wish I had it in the amount you do, and I'm grateful it hasn't been stripped from you.

Thank you for drawing the line at holding the cockroach. It's much appreciated.

Thank you for recognizing that some bugs are more dangerous than others.

Thank you for being astute enough to realize that not doing something dangerous doesn't mean you're a wimp. Some people never realize that their entire lives.

Thank you for listening to me read this to you when I get back home to LA.

Your Mom


nick said…
What alarms me about spiders is how fast they move when they're startled. If that tarantula is likely to skitter up his arm at any moment, he's brave indeed!
Professor said…
This is beautifully sweet. Thank you for sharing a hint at how to mother into existence a Man.
Jameil said…
Awww! I wish I had some letters from my mom to a young me!
Anonymous said…
You are such a doting and loving mother. It's wonderful always to read your words.
Liz Dwyer said…
They move VERY quickly! One of the other spiders, a cave spider, got loose and scurried -- meaning lots of screaming from yours truly! ;)

Thanks for reading! I love my son so much and I admire who he's becoming. It makes me so happy.

I know. Me too!

I like being described as a doting and loving mother. I like that very much. ;)

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