I Prefer The Montage Laguna Beach Resort To The ER

I tell ya, on Saturday I had an amazing spa experience at the Montage Laguna Beach resort.... and on Sunday, I ended up in the UCLA Emergency Room in a neck brace.

Trust me, as nice and as helpful as the UCLA ER staff was, if I had to choose where to spend my time, um... yeah, I'm picking the Montage!

How'd I end up at the Montage? The resort and the awesome Kimberly Blaine a/k/a "The Go To Mom" invited me to come enjoy a little Pre-Mother's Day Discovery Retreat. I'd never been to a spa before so I figured it was time to get over my anxiety. Yeah, I said it - anxiety. It's that feeling you feel because you aren't exactly sure what happens at a spa and finding out feels intimidating.

Clearly, I got over it because I carpooled down to Laguna Beach with two of my fave blogging homies SoCal Mom and Sweatpants Mom (I love our blog world alter egos!). I'm glad I didn't let my fears of being told, "You're a loser because you don't know spa etiquette!" get the best of me because if I had, I would've missed out on this view:
My reaction?
1) Mouth hanging open
2) Channeling Gwen Stefani singing, "This @#%* is bananas
3) Kicking myself for bringing my real camera but leaving its battery in the charger at home.

We got a brief tour of the entire lovely resort and I learned that they have an activity center for children called Paint Box where their trained staff keep your kid occupied with fun arts, crafts, games and other activities while you're relaxing. So if you're like me - you know, lacking a babysitter - you can STILL go hang at the spa.

Next I changed into my swimsuit, put on my spa robe and chillaxed in the jacuzzi, steam sauna, dry sauna and had lunch by the pool. How come I don't know how to cook like this at home?
Mixed greens salad with blackened tofu. Yum

Before I knew it, ta-da, it was time for my hour-long full body massage. Here's the scene of the crime:
Sorry, nice masseuse lady, I don't remember your name but you helped me relax when you explained the whole massage process and you didn't say, "You're HOW OLD and you've never had a full body massage???"

I found out I could choose to leave on my swimsuit or take it off. I went for it and took it all off - and the masseuse draped the sheets so I wasn't just naked (and cold) on the table. Why does an hour go so fast when you're getting a massage? Not fair!

After the massage, I went back and forth between the steam room and dry sauna and then showered, got dressed and went with the group to a wine tasting with the resort's very knowledgeable sommelier. All the wines were from vineyards either owned or run by women which was neat to hear about... But, I don't drink so there was no wine tasting done by moi. I was thirsty as heck but it just seemed a little inappropriate to ask, "Can I have a Shirley Temple?"

Before I knew it, it was time to bid the Montage adieu. I was so relaxed that even bad traffic on the drive home couldn't kill my zentastic vibe. Saturday night I slept better than I have in months.

AND THEN on Sunday, a guy driving behind me wasn't paying attention and he missed the fact that I'd stopped my car to yield to traffic. Now you know how I ended up in the neck brace. The pain is not fun.

Don't you agree that I need another day at the Montage to erase the pain and trauma of being rear ended?


nick said…
Definitely. I would head back there straightaway. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Sorry to hear about the stupid inattentive driver. Did he even apologise or try to make amends?
You're spa day sounds amazing and sorry to hear about the accident.

I hope the man apologized.
opps. that should be "your"
Val said…
Oh my, Liz. I'm sorry to hear about the accident. But I hope at least the guy that hit you was driving a Bentley. (wink)

Yep, you def deserve another spa day!
Liz Dwyer said…
I wish I could go back to the Montage for Mother's Day - but I always do stuff with my kids on Mother's Day so I don't think that's gonna happen. The driver was nice enough. He was very bummed that his Honda decal fell off his car.

I wish I could win the lottery so I could hang out at spas all the time. I'd just move in, permanently! ;0

He did apologize. As much pain as I've been in, I'm just grateful to be alive.

LOL, no, he had a Honda and he was distressed that the decal had fallen off the hood because he'd just glued it back on. Hehehe.
Faith said…
Oh Liz sorry about your accident but at least you had that lovely spa day to think about. I can't believe you hadn't been before!!! Beverly Hills has some of the best spas in the world.
Remnants of U said…
Oh I hope you are feeling better from the car wreck, and will cross fingers for you to have an opportunity to go back to the spa.
Eunice said…
You definitely need another massage for your neck. So sorry to hear about that.
Ariel said…
I've had two neck injuries... No fun at ALL. Definitely get thee to a masseuse and feel better soon :)
(I swear by chiropractors also :) )
Liz Dwyer said…
THANK YOU! Really, your expressions of concern mean a lot.

I know, there are so many great spas here but nope, never been before. I may have to take advantage of them and try them all out!

I'm trying to feel better but my neck and back aren't quite cooperating. Ugh!

Or three or four massages! ;)

I'm trying to schedule a follow-up appt. with my doctor and hopefully they will refer me to a chiropractor/masseuse or something!
Donna said…
OMG - You SO need another day at Montage spa. Hell, I feel like I do and I didn't get hit by a car! Hope you are on the mend.
Unknown said…
The resort sounds amazing and I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope that you are feeling better now.

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