Not So Random Randomness With Los Angelista

It's time for the Friday Randomness... because by the end of the week my brain is full of all sorts of little tidbits of information and I simply MUST tell you about them all. OK, not all. Just some:

1) Rakim is STILL the bombdizzle: Not every hip-hop record stands up to the test of time but 23 years after the release of Eric B & Rakim's classic, "Paid in Full" - this is still in my top five best of hip-hop list.

2) The Game Has Changed: Would Rakim be a hip hop success these days? I mean, it's not like he ever landed the cover of Rolling Stone with a "Rakim Goes To Jail" headline splashed across his body. 3) Running Part 1: I'm running 12 miles tomorrow morning. There's an 80% chance of rain. Solution? I'm gonna put a trash bag on, poke a hole for my head and arms, and roll like that. Three cheers for cheapo rain-gear.

4) Running Part 2: I'm running the Pasadena marathon on February 21st -only TWO weeks away, and the LA marathon in six weeks! SWEET! But, let's hope there's not an 80% chance of rain on either day.

5) Complaining In Romania: A couple weeks ago I wrote a post of complaints. Romanian blogger (and fellow Depeche Mode lover) Viviana Ball wrote her version, and her post really puts the freedom of speech and the ability to complain into perspective. I love how she says, "For 45 years until our so called revolution in 1989, we, Romanians did not enjoy the right to complain. Or to make negative statements for the matter."

6) I work with cool people. Cool people who run amazing street art sites like Unurth. Go on and click. You want to have a look.

7) I like writing about people who inspire me. This week on Pepsi Refresh I wrote a piece about an amazing Boston area social enterprise called More Than Words. It's a bookstore and cafe that employs youth who've been formerly court involved, homeless or in foster care.

8) Vote for the Pepsi Refresh Education Projects: There are a lot of amazing projects in all the Pepsi Refresh Project categories. I'm biased toward the education ones. (gee, I wonder why?) Please go vote for them!

9) Mixed Roots Festival: They're accepting submissions for presenters/workshops. Last year I attended the festival here in Los Angeles and had a great time. It affirmed for me yet again that all mixed race people don't have to agree on how we identify or talk about ourselves - and seriously, how boring would that be if we did?

10) Doppelganger Week: Folks on Facebook have been changing their avatars to their celebrity doppelgangers for the past week. Um... other than being told I look like Erykah Badu and Oprah (??) I'm not sure if there's a celeb that really looks like me. Any suggestions?

11) Once Again, I'm Glad I Don't Buy Vanity Fair. New Hollywood needs some color and a sandwich.

12) Impressive Bloggers: I like reading lots of different blogs about lots of different topics, but I really enjoy ones that push my thinking on issues of race, ethnicity, culture and socio-economic status. Tami from What Tami Said always does that. Always.

13) Can't Stop Listening Tune Of The Week: I tend to be obsessive compulsive about music. When I find a song I like, I listen to it hundreds of times in a row. I happened across "I Won't Kneel" by Groove Armada while listening to my iPod during last week's 24 mile run. I'd forgotten I'd downloaded it. Since Saturday, I've listened to it 147 times. And I continue to be obsessed with the video, particularly the 1:45-2:05 part.

14) Your IP Address and More: I wonder if certain people who like to come over here and obsessively search my site and then leave "interesting" comments know that I have tracking devices on this blog. Yeah, it's Big Brother-ish (and I don't pay attention to the minute details most of the time) but when I want to, I can even see what kind of monitor you're using when you visit me, so, ahem, you aren't so anonymous, mmkay?

15) Tell Someone You Love Them: You never know how much time you have on this planet. Besides, you'll feel better.

16) Sade's New Record: It comes out Tuesday. I'm buying it on Tuesday! Yes!

17) The FBI Has A Copy of the John Edwards Sex Tape? Oh noes! And for the record, who would've ever thought that the John Edwards + sex tape would ever be in the same sentence?

18) I love the word "serendipity". I love people who love it and know what it means.

19) Q & A Series With My Parents. I'm really thinking about asking them if I can do a series of "Conversations With Los Angelista's Parents". What do you think? Would you want to read what my mom and dad have to say about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? If so, what are you curious about? What do you want to know from an interracial couple married for 40 years who used to be Methodist and Catholic but are now Baha'is - are artsy, smart and have overcome significant obstacles and personal tragedies?

20) Go Enjoy Your Weekend. Hope it's a good one. Don't forget to wish me luck since I'll be spending part of my time running while covered in a trash bag. I feel like my trash bag choice is getting all racial identity-ish. Do I choose a black heavy duty one or the thin white kitchen one?


Daniel said…
Los Angelista,
Was #14 for me?
Does it Really show the State Penitentiary info? Serious?
I better stop Stalkin’ or I might get … uh, guess I’m already here.
Liz Dwyer said…
Haha! Nope, not talking about you. Your comments are gems. I'm talking about people either working for or otherwise affiliated with a certain school district. My entries about the state of education seem to not be so popular with some folks.
Hope you have a great weekend too.

I can't wait until Sade's CD comes out. I'm the same way you are about music, so I've been playing the Solder Of Love single non-stop.

Three of my friends are working on Pepsi Refresh. One's in corporate at Pepsi, one is with the non-profit and the other was hired from CAA to work on the project.

Congrats...they are doing some interesting things (and I say that has a hard core Coke lover.)
Jameil said…
i just know your kids are gonna get a kick out of you running in a garbage bag! lol. that's serious dedication right there!! 147 times? uh... liz. you might wanna get that checked out. i don't think there are any songs i've listened to 145 times in my life. no really. i don't have that sort of attention span & really... don't want it lol. even my most favorite song i can only hear AT MOST 5xs in a row.
YES, I want to hear more from your parents! Yes, yes! I think they must be fascinating people. Would love to hear more about how they've made their marriage last so long, their religious experience, life as an interracial family, etc etc.

Totally agree about Tammi. And Rakim. Wishing Lil Wayne and his lame thug-life posturing would go away. Ugh.

I can see the Badu resemblance. :) Oprah? Not so much. You are way hotter.

Recently I said something not-so-nice about the American Embassy in Haiti. Guess who I could track leaving nasty "anonymous" comments?

I ran my first half-marathon last month in 28 degree weather, rocking a trash-bag the whole time. You gotta go black! More slimmer, and warmer. :)
1969 said…
Blog stalker tracking is the best! It's why I switched over to Wordpress. I can get lots of cool info. :)
Liz Dwyer said…
Can't wait to go get Sade's CD tomorrow!!! Whoo hoo!

Nice that your friends are working on PRP! I think it's a great project and so nice to see companies moving in this sort of direction.

Yeah, 147 times. I've moved on to a new song today...52 times listened to today. Ridiculousness, I know.

Really, they were coming by your blog? That's insane! My p's are down to be interviewed. Can't wait to do one with them.

I feel like big brother but sometimes that tracking is useful!
Anonymous said…
I'm way behind in reading yer blog (sorry!) but #1 - I'm so so so glad you didn't get mugged the other day (!) and #@ - I'd love to read about yer parents' journey.

Oh and BIG PROPS to you on the marathons! I'm so proud of you...even tho' we've never met.

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