Pre-Marathon Insomnia

I REALLY need to go to sleep. I'm going to be up in a few short hours so I can go run the Pasadena Marathon. I'm so amped for this race!

A couple people have asked me if I have a time goal for this one, and the answer is no. Maybe that sounds bad to some folks, but I'm using this as a training run for the Los Angeles Marathon.

Most of my running club, the Los Angeles Leggers, did 26 miles today out in our normal stomping grounds - Santa Monica to LAX and back.

Since the Pasadena Marathon was the exact same weekend as the 26 mile training run, I figured if I was going to do a 26 mile training run, I wanted a medal. I'll be running with a few other people from my pace group so I'm sure we'll have a good time.

Yeah, I'm going to get out there, take it easy (or as easy as someone with my personality can take anything), have fun and focus on completing the distance without twisting my ankle. Besides, I have to drive to freakin' Dana Point (almost to San Diego) right afterwards so I need to not be trying to set any PRs tomorrow.

It's currently raining, and rain is forecast for the morning, so I'm prepared with my high tech rain gear - a trash bag - once more! My trash bag look is pretty fly. It's so avant garde I fully expect Lady Gaga to jack my style.

One sad thing is that my Blackberry is acting up so I can't post pics during the race. They'll have to wait till afterwards. But, a new phone is on it's way to me - gotta love warranties!

Wish me luck tomorrow as I head into my second marathon!


April said…
You're incredible!! Congratulations!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks, April! So sweet of you to say!

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