Embracing Blog Guilt

Ahh... Blog Guilt.

I might as well embrace it fully. We should have a hot and heavy makeout session, get comfortable with each other, start leaving dirty dishes on each other's night stands. Yes, Blog Guilt, I'll surreptitiously hold your hand under the table.

Why so guilty? It's three minutes till midnight and I haven't written anything in this space since last Monday. And what has been going on, you ask, to make me neglect my blog for so many days? Uh, life, busy, life, exhaustion... all excuses. I must make amends.

But I will not be making those amends tonight. I'll do that after I've run 13 miles tomorrow morning. It's supposed to rain so I fully expect to return home a bit soggy. Trust me, I'll be taking my cheapo rain gear - a trash bag - with me.

See you later - I'm about to go to bed with guilt. Do not disturb.

photo: courtesy of wonderferret


nick said…
Love the message. We could do with a lot more guilt for all those remaining assholes who appear not to have any guilt at all, and not to know the meaning of the word.
Sally Charette said…
It's okay. You're worth waiting for.
Liz Dwyer said…
A whole lot of folks don't have any guilt these days, or shame. Sometimes I have too much. Overcompensating for my peers?

Aww... :)

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