Neato New Stuff I'm "In Like" With: Skechers Shape-Ups

Not "in love" because I can hear some smart aleck out there saying, "I'm so sick of people saying they're in love with things. You love people, not things."

Yeah, I hope me saying "I'm in like" makes you happy if you're one of those people that gets annoyed by folks saying, "Oooh, I'm totally in love with blah, blah, blah."

Moving right along... remember last week when I told you I drove to Dana Point right after running the Pasadena Marathon because I wanted to go to the awesome LA Moms Blog party? Well, we got some nice gifts at the party - lots of really cool gadgets and products, but my favorite gift was a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups. Aren't they cute?
I've been asked at least once every day for the past week about them. Everybody wants to know if they work - if my gluteous maximus turned into a shapely bootay overnight.

No, it didn't, but I still wore them a lot this past week because post-marathon, they made my legs feel really good. I've seen the commercials about these shoes and I was super skeptical, but I do feel a difference when I walk -especially in the backs of my legs. I even feel a difference when I'm just standing. I feel like my posture is a bit better, and, weirdly enough, like my muscles are working a bit.

Second question I've been asked is are they worth the price. Three people asked me this today - random strangers bugged me about my shoes, asked if they're worth the $$.

My answer? If these shoes are the incentive you need to get out there and make you walk more, then yes. If you're not going to wear them, not going to walk, then no, don't get them. They aren't worth the approximately $100 price tag if they're just gonna sit in your closet.

There were lots of other cool products there (here's a great recap of all of them if you're interested) but the Skechers really stood out to me because they're the one thing I used every day this week. When these wear out I'll definitely replace them with another pair. I might just be "in love" with them!

*I was given this pair of shoes for free but FCC disclosure, no one required me to write this, paid me to write this, or asked me to positively review these shoes. These are my honest opinions and experiences. It was a nice surprise to get such a nice take-home gift, especially when it's enough of a treat just to hang with the other fab moms that write for the site!


Tiny Oranges said…
Thanks for the Tiny Oranges link! Great review! My Shape Ups were too big so I have to exchange this week. Since I am training for a 1/2 marathon, I think they are going to be great after long runs. I still am in awe you drove to the event after running a marathon. Amazing!
I've read that Carmichael encourages peak performers to spend post race time in MBTs (kind of like your Skeetchers) They are supposed to keep blood and oxygen to the legs and glutes to provide better recovery.

Or that's what I read.

Sounds like it's working for you. That alone would be work the money!
Sharifa said…
MBTs - Swiss invention short for Masai Barefood Technology, because yes I will become tall and skinny like a Masai if I spend 300 bucks on a pair of shoes ;) Still, since so many companies are coming out with similar shoes now, maybe there is something to it?
Sarah Auerswald said…
I am "in like with" my sketchers Shape-Ups, too! I also got them at the party -- and they seemed to make a huge difference in my workout over the weekend. Plus they make me taller -- nothing wrong with that!
Lola Gets said…
I was wondering about those shoes - thanks for your review! Im still toying with the idea of getting a pair of the "original" curved-bottom shoes (I forget the name at this time). But those are over $200. At this time Id really like some comfy shoes, and Im just not sure about those $200+ jobbies.


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