I'm A Half Marathoner

Psst! Guess who's a half-marathoner and has a medal to prove it?

Yes, that's right! I ran my very first half-marathon race this morning! WHOO HOO! I ran the City of Angels Half Marathon!

I will share the fabulous details about the race tomorrow... I'm just flat out exhausted right now so I can't tell you much that's coherent. I'm not just tired from running the race. Nope! Post-race I ate a celebratory brunch at House of Pies (I ate no pie). Then I had to take my sons to a friend's birthday party, hung out there for three hours, came home, helped the kids with homework, cleaned the house, did two loads of laundry, got the kids bathed and to bed... see why I'm tired?

It was all worth it though because my seven year-old proudly said to me as he kissed me goodnight, "I never thought I'd get to see you run a race, Mom. You're awesome... just like Barack Obama!"

Yeah, I've reached Barack Obama status! BUT I'll bet Obama doesn't have a cool half marathon medal!

Oh, wait, I don't have mine either because it's been hijacked by my youngest son. He keeps referring to it as, "Jogging bling bling!" Twenty minutes post-race that boy had it dangling from HIS neck!
I promise, I will tell you all the fabulous details in the morning. Off to bed I go!


1969 said…
I am so proud!!!! Congrats Liz. Your hardwork has paid off.

Obama status? THAT'S HUGE!!!!!!
Sundry said…
Congratulations! You look so stoked in that photo. Not blasted out, like I'd be!
Dena said…
awesome! truly awesome! that's a huge feat, liz. i'm very proud of you and inspired!
Unknown said…
Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment. Personally? I'd want my medal back! LOL
Nerd Girl said…
Yay you! And how great do you look? I don't look that good before my work out - how you manage to look that good post 1/2 marathon is beyond my level of comprehension. Congratulations - to you and Obama!!
April said…
I'm very impressed. Not just by the half-marathon (which is impressive by itself), but that you followed it up with a bday party?!? You're higher than Obama in my book right now!
Anne said…
Congratulations!!!! What a wonderful accomplishment!
Anonymous said…
Great job!!! Is there anything you can't do once you put your mind to it?
Shiona said…
Congratulations! I agree with the previous commenters you make running a half marathon look easy!
Anonymous said…
Congrats!!! Obama status?! That's cute. The photo is absolutely adorable.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment!
Liz Dwyer said…
Oh yes, Obama status! I have arrived! I should bust out the theme song from The Jeffersons.

I really felt pretty good after I was finished and it's ALL due to my training. Absolutely due to it.

So does this mean you're gonna run the Chicago Marathon with me next October? I'm sort of thinking about it. Might be fun!

I jacked the medal back from him before he left for school this morning. I'm so corny, I had it on under my clothes today!

Nerd Girl,
LOL, thanks for saying so! I think I look a little rough -- and what the heck is my hair doing?? But, I will take the compliment because I'm just so proud of myself that I actually ran a race! Whoo hoo!

If I hadn't taken them to the birthday party, I'm sure I would've immediately gone done to Sarah Palin status or something. I was still in all my gear but it was outdoors at a park and everybody was doing lots of running and hiking at it so I sort of fit right in. Plus, I got to show off my medal!

Thank you! I can't wait to add more medals to the one I just earned!

LOL, maybe I should start tackle singing lessons?

No, wait, I won't do that to the world! :)

Aww, thanks! I am just over the moon with happiness about it.

The great thing about my training program is that we just started with a mile and worked our way up. I remember thinking five miles was a LONG distance! Now that's pretty easy for me. I don't think I'll ever say a half marathon is easy, but I really felt prepared for it and that made all the difference.

Yes, I'm floating in the esteemed, rarefied air of Obama! Gosh, who would've thought?

I also got the boys to take a picture with Mayor Villaraigosa last Thursday by telling them, "He's met Barack Obama." After they knew that, they were all smiles and WANTED to take the picture!

Thank you! Hope you had a great time at Disneyland!
Anonymous said…
wowowowowowowowowowowowowoowow! Just WOW! Congratulations! That's just so awesome. I'm delighted that your commitment to your fitness continues.
Dena said…
i've always wanted to run a marathon, but i've got bad knees. i could walk the heck out of a marathon, though :) if you ran the one in chicago, i would be there to cheer you on!!
Congrats Liz. It's been nice reading about your fitness goals and seeing you accomplish them. Thanks for sharing.
that's excellent...job well done!


I can't even run a 1/10 marathon.

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