HP Printer Winner!

So clearly, it's just giveaway central here at Los Angelista these days! Good because you readers are fabulous and I love you!

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to go to a Hewlett Packard event and win an HP Photosmart C6380 all-in-one printer to give away on this blog.

I made a little contest where I asked folks to share how they plan to be an "authentic giver" this Holiday season. A few of you contributed great ideas but didn't want to enter. I'm going to share what you wrote anyway because you all really had some inspiring ideas:

1) BZ said, "I've never been into the material gifting thing. I give the gift of presence...making memories with loved ones that don't get returned to the store, put on the shelf in a closet, become outgrown. They live longer than we do and are more comfort to us than any one thing we could physically grasp.

I don't need the printer, really. I'm sure someone else could put it to greater use. But, I love the idea of your post."

Ferocious Kitty said, "Please don't enter me in the contest, but I do want to share a little idea I have for keeping the holidays sane and proper around here. Instead of encouraging my kids to make wish lists of stuff they want for Christmas, we make lists of people to whom we'd like to give gifts, and for most of those on our list, the gifts are homemade--cookies one year; another year, batches of pre-made drink mixes (hot and cold) that we blended and packaged ourselves. You can do the same with beans and soup ingredients."

3) Jen of A2eatwrite said, "I'm not entering, but I do want to talk about what we do in our family each year. We give to the causes that each person supports. Period.

Young kids get toys. Folks who "need stuff" might get a gift certificate from all of us, but mostly, we give donations. It's fun and feels SO much better!

Sometimes it's funny, though. We have a HUGE woodpecker problem with our house. We think our house must just be the most delicious thing out there because they come in DROVES. We are constantly puttying up woodpecker holes. And my SIL? She doesn't know this, and she gave us a donation to save the spotted woodpecker. ROFL!"

Those ladies are all fabulous bloggers AND people. It really comes through in their wonderful ideas!

Make sure you go visit them to check out the other things they write about. Now, let me share with you the great entries that were going for the win:

1) Kim said, "I'm an Americorps VISTA, which is like being in the Peace Corps, only you stay in the US. I work for an affordable housing organization in a small town in Ohio. As a VISTA, I get a living allowance of less than $800 a month, so money is not something I have in abundance at any time of the year.

Due to some unexpected financial issues, I have found myself with no money for Christmas presents for my family (Mom, Dad, brother and SIL- it's a small family, and they're the only ones I give presents to). So, I'm going to write each of them a letter sharing some memories of things we've done together and telling them how much they mean to me. It's sappy (probably embarrassingly so), but while I don't have any cash, I do have words and a lot of love, and that I can share."

2) Tracey said, "I confess, I am one of those people gets caught up at Xmas time. I don't go broke doing it though...thus far. I set a certain amount and usually stay within my budget[or no more than $25 over]. I have 11 people to shop for...that's not including the gift I have to bring for Secret Santa at work. This year, I plan to make(sew)alot of the gifts I will give (PJ's, Wraps/Shawl etc.) The printer would be a great addition as I planned to make the younger children shirts with their pictures using the t-shirt transfer paper. Also, for the older members of the family, I planned to frame some scrapbook pages."

Quitecontrary1977 said, "Lean times have fallen upon my family so last year we started a "no presents" policy. I expected to feel an emptiness, but I was so wrong . We had the best Christmas ever! So much energy went into raising the money for gifts and trying to find something the recipient wouldn't hate that we couldn't even enjoy the season. Now we're free to pour our time into visiting those we don't visit enough, baking treats for neighbors and giving time to the community. Having less has made me realize that I have alot!"

Jameil said, "This year is the first time in a few years that I've found myself without a steady job and therefore unable to give like I want to-- that means without going into debt (I don't believe in that) for Christmas, I try to gift those I love with things they really want even if it's something that costs a few dollars rather than a few hundred dollars. Giving is even more fun when you're forced to be creative. This year I look forward to doing just that! What's better than giving someone a fit they love that didn't cost an arm and a leg? NOTHING! I love Christmas!!!"

Carmen NC said, "Hello I’m Carmen and I have a low budget business. I have a printer but it does not work with the newer laptop that I have. I am able to use an older laptop to print labels. It’s not the best set up, but it looks better than hand writing the address. If I win the new printer, I will in turn donate my printer. Also, instead of sending holiday cards in the mail, I’m trying to go green by saving my customers a few dollars with free s/h for the holiday. Good luck to all that enter!"

Sundry said, "I value experiences more than things I can buy. Since I usually have a camera with me wherever I go, I plan to make photo scrapbooks for friends and family who’ve shared adventures with me this year. Camping with Mom, crewing Jim’s drag racer, visiting New Mexico with Anna, exploring Catalina Island with cousins, hiking with Dana, hanging out at Sheila’s artsy house. We’ll celebrate these times together through pictures and writing. Being able to edit and print photos at home rather than ordering and retrieving them from the drug store would make this 100 times easier."

So who won?

The way I'd planned to pick the winner was that I read each of the entries to my sons and they were supposed to vote on which one they liked the most. However, they kept saying they liked them all and wanted to know why I didn't have a printer for each of them.

I agree with them. Each of these amazing women are so great and so deserving that I wish I could gift each with a printer. BUT, I only have one! SO, I went old-school and wrote each entrant's name on a piece of paper, put them all in a paper sack, and let my five year-old pick one.






Wow! How exciting! Congratulations to Sundry! I am sure she will put that printer to EXCELLENT use! Thank you to all that entered and to all of you that shared your ideas. And, to everyone, make sure you enter my Wii Giveaway!


Sundry said…
Oh WOW!! Thank you so much!!

I can't tell you how excited I am about this!! The color ink in my printer has never really worked correctly, so I have been at the mercy of commercial printers when producing my photos. Sometimes they just don't ever come out quite right.

I guess you made my recent Chinese food fortune come true: "You will receive an unexpected gift from an acquaintance."

This is going to be so much fun! Thank the boys for their generous natures, and thank you for passing it on to them! Whoo hoo!

Sundry is GRINNING!
Henry said…
Congrats Sundry! And thanks for posting all our ideas. That was nice of you! I'm actually glad I didn't win. Electronics aren't safe in a house with a one year old. A printer wouldn't have made it a day! Merry Christmas everyone!
Jameil said…
I love your sons for wanting to give me a printer. Lol. They're the best. I guess I can't win all of your contests. Now crossing all toes to win the Wii. If it helps I'll send a pic of the crossed toes. Lol. I kid!
Liz Dwyer said…
Whew, glad I made that fortune come true! :) I really hope this printer works well for you because you produce fabulous pictures and I'm sure they'll make lovely gifts for all. I'm so happy for you!

LOL, I'm reliving the days when jelly got smeared on the inside of a DVD player and a piece of toast was put in the VCR. Merry Christmas to you too!

They were so sweet, wanting everybody to win one and refusing to choose. Wouldn't that have been nice if everybody got one? And LOL about the crossed toes! Not necessary! :)
Jen said…
I love that you did this, Liz. These stories were all great. I got some new ideas, too!

And I want to pass on to Sundry that a cool thing you can do, too, is make a photo-based advent calendar - I did that for my Swedish daughter the year D lost his job - there were pics behind each door of folks or things she loved. It was great fun to make.
Liz Dwyer said…
Welcome! So nice of you to come by and visit and thanks for the compliments. Glad you'll come back and see me again.

I am happy to share all the ideas. Everybody had such great ones, no wonder the boys couldn't choose! I'll make sure Sundry sees the suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Sundry! Thanks Los Angelista for the opportunity. I'll try my luck at the Wii, my son would love it.

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