Guilt By Association

If I ever get arrested for my love of Depeche Mode, you can be assured that with the way guilt by association works in our nation, you will be taken down with me. Someone with Big Brother-style web tracers will prove that you've read my blog and so therefore, you too must be a Depeche Mode lover.

Before you know it, even though a special prosecutor will say that you had zero involvement in my Depeche Mode obssesion, headlines will be all over the press saying, "What did (insert your name) know, and when did (he-she-it) know it?

None of your protesting about not knowing the names of any of the band members (Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, Andy Fletcher) will work because you just read their names. What prosecutor will believe you didn't know who the band is made up of now that you've read it? Certainly not my Irish brother, Patrick Fitzgerald.

Trust me, co-conspirator, Fitzgerald will not believe that you can't sing any Depeche Mode songs, and your saying, "They're just an 80s band!" will not do you any good. You're gonna go DOWN!

(Insert Five Seconds of Los Angelista's Maniacal Laughter Here)

Seriously though, are you with me in believing that the partisan Guilt By Association political scheme has got to go? We all rub shoulders with and interact with lots of folks who are probably into lots of things we have NO idea about. For instance, the boss we witness wiping cocaine from the edge of his nose... that doesn't mean we're also a coke-head too!

That weird swinger couple that lives down the hil from me... I walk by the husband at least once a day, sometimes I say hi to his wife. Yes, they may have tried in the past to make their overtures, and yet I am not a swinger and have no involvement with whatever they have going on in their house.

I mean, Jeffrey Dahmer was up in his apartment murdering and eating people. That didn't mean everyone who interacted with the man was also murdering and eating people. And didn't people say Ted Bundy was such a nice man? They would've never guessed he was a serial killer!

Now we have Obama who was a Senator and Blago who is/was the Governor of the Great State of Illinois. If one is crooked, then the other must be too?

I'm not buying it.

I'm not buying any of the Guilt By Association some of the media seems to want to force down our throats. Give me concrete proof, then we can talk.

Till then, I'll go back to enjoying my Depeche Mode. Hope you do the same!


Anonymous said…
When I start seeing headlines stating that Obama's distancing himself from Blago or articles praising Obama's ability to remain unblemished in light of the scandal (thereby subtly implying involvement), it irks me to no end. What a hot load of BS! While I'm not saying that Obama being Obama instantly makes him inculpable, no one's been able to link Obama AT ALL to any of the shyt that's going down. Why drag the man's name through the mud? Shyt like this pisses me off.
Anonymous said…

It's just stupid. The man has done more in weeks than our lame duck president in 8 years.

But they are not going to go down easily or quietly. They will fight every step of the way because they have to much invested.

If tax rules change? Limbaugh will pay more taxes. So he gets his ridiculous minions to believe THEY will suffer. And so it goes.

If you get arrested for your love of Depeche A La Mode, I will post your bail - pinky swear.
Liz Dwyer said…
I agree. He's not a saint certainly but this over eager pouncing is really sick.

Ooh, bail! Thank you! He's done more for sure, but it's never enough and he's not even in office yet! It's clear that there are those who are more interested in continuing partisan fighting than in being unified as a people, setting aside our differences and getting our collective azzes out of the trouble we're in as a nation.
Anonymous said…
Well I am a a DM fan so in my case it would be true.

...but seriously, some people just want to make something bad about Obama so badly that they will connect invisible dots and say TOLD YOU SO.

He's human, I am sure he does things we wouldn't agree with but in this case I want to see hard proof not some imaginary they are both from the same state, same party and it's his seat theory. I think the fact that he is raising the level of ethics in the highest office of this country is exactly why some people would love to make a direct connection.

I'm just waiting for Sarah Palin to come back out and comment while she's working on her moose chili
I'm not buying any of this crap either. I think the ones trying to link him with scandal and corruption are going to come off looking terribly weak and ineffective. I mean, if they were smart, they'd save their outcries for 2012...because if they start now and continue trying to use anything they can against him, everyone will be deaf to it by then...including people who didn't vote for him this time. Though, it shows you how threatened they are by him...that he's not even in office and they're trying to bring him down already.

I loved when he said that the seat isn't his or the governor's to barter belongs to the people.
Unknown said…
Great post. I know it probably all boils down to money exchanging hands, but the other complaints I still have difficulty fully comprehending; like if I know you like Depeche Mode, but I like the Cure, so I give you my tix, and then later you say hey, that was nice, and buy me a hazlenut cappaccino no dairy with soy whip, does that make us crooked???

Best I stay out of political commentary, I'm too much of an airhead ;0)
Gunfighter said…
I am unrepentant Rolling Stones fan (although I am not supposed to be because of the color of my skin, apparently), so therefore, I must be equally guilty of all of their drug offenses over the years.

I also was in the same platoon, when I was in the Marines, as a guy who comitted a heinous murder in 1987. I'm big trouble, don'tcha know?

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