The Friday Wrap Up

Was it just me or did this also feel like the LONGEST week ever? There is just so much going on, and, to cap off my Friday afternoon, there's some crazy people outside totally having road rage and honking their horns at each other like maniacs.

Look people, I understand how you're feeling because I drove from Universal Studios to Playa del Rey yesterday afternoon and halfway through the journey, I wanted to ingest copious amounts of some sort of narcotic, but seeing as I've never had a drink or used any drugs, hey, that wasn't an option. I just had to deal. Besides, everybody is on the road (happy holidays!) and so we will all get to our destinations eventually.

So how did I deal? Well, good music helps. One of my absolute favorite singers these days is the amazing Róisín Murphy. Never heard of her? Well, that's because our press is too busy analyzing how uncomfortable and awkward Britney Spears looks on stage. Personally, I prefer that my singers NOT lipsynch and not dress like hos. I prefer non-corporate fabricated music. Britney only wishes she sounded this good live:

Oh, and do you like The Commodores? The Cure? How about a mashup of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" with The Commodores "Easy "? Yes, the genius that is Daniel Barassi (who also happens to be Depeche Mode's webmaster) has masterminded this mashup, calling it, "Easy Heaven". It's SO good, he even got a write up on Rolling Stone's website for it. Check it out, it's well worth a listen.

If the people with road rage listened to stuff that fabulous while in the car, they might not be so inclined to lose it while driving.

Alas, I would also tell you about how I wanted to commit felony assault in the PTA meeting this morning, but I have to get dressed for a holiday party. Cheers! It starts in an hour and I still don't know what I'm gonna wear! And if you have not yet entered my Wii and Wii Fit giveaway, what are you waiting for?

Hope you have a lovely Friday night!


Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
The Commodores? After “Brick House” got played into the ground, I just couldn’t listen anymore. And Richie’s “Soul Glo” look always kinda made me ill.
And the Cure? Their video’s always made me think of A Clockwork Orange (bunch of weirdo’s, lol). And that stupid little guitar-like keyboard the one guy played annoyed me.

And no Grammy’s blog? Good for you …
Jen said…
It was a lllonnnnggggg week on this end, too. Yay for the weekend!

Hope the party was a good one.

We had an "interesting" PTSO meeting here, as well. Must be that time of year.
Jameil said…
wow.... we have very different taste in music but that's ok. i like brit sometimes. her last cd was in heavy rotation back when i was a gym rat. i had a lot to do so this week has been a blur for me.
Liz Dwyer said…
No, I did not watch that Grammy's show. The Grammy's are SO out of touch and overrated. Yawn. But c'mon, a group like The Cure is SUPPOSED to have weird videos. If they were singing their songs while dressed in Izods, we'd never buy it! No comment on Lionel! :)

The party was great! I was supposed to go to another one tonight but I came to my senses since I'm running a half marathon tomorrow.

What is it about those meetings that makes you want to strangle people? I had to put on my sunglasses indoors because I realized I had the most pissed look and I was having a hard time controlling my "side-eye"! Yes, it's that time of year! :)

I listen to pretty much everything BUT country, and even that I can handle in small doses! The thing with Britney is, if I'm in a club or, like you, at the gym, her stuff is perfect. But why are some folks acting all shocked that she's lipsynching her performances? Isn't that what she's always done? Plus, the whole, "I'm so sexy! I can dress like a stripper!" thing is so played. Double yawn!
April said…
yet another reason not to talk on the cell phone but listen to favorite music instead while driving!
Miriam said…
I agree. Music soothes! Music used to take me through the Chicago suburbs and back to Chicago.

I am imagining what u said. Here you don't feel the Xmas excitement. There's no snow, no bustling about shoppers. I suppose a walk through the Christian areas I will see different. Thinking back from the Chicago days, Its exciting to see. I miss those "animated" displays from the store windows!

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