Saturday Night Sing-Along

I miss Maxwell. Don't you?


Anonymous said…
Yes m'am I sure do!!! I only watched the BET Awards because I had it on good authority he was a part of the Al Green tribute. He did not disappoint! I'll be first in line when he finally comes back to L.A.

If you catch the BET Awards in reruns just be sure to watch at about 70-75 minutes in.
Toni Campbell said…
This is my favorite song by him (even though R. Kelly wrote it)!
Liz Dwyer said…
Maybe it's online. Hmm...I'll have to check that out one way or another but I hope it's online. BET is on a permanent ban in our house.

I did NOT know Kellz wrote that. He is everywhere, isn't he???
Unknown said…
You can hear a snippet of a new song on his Myspace account. I can't wait for him! He does keep you updated on his record plans...he is killing us softly...
Anonymous said…
I love Maxwell!! He will always hold a special place in my heart for covering Kate Bush.
Anonymous said…
Los Angelista,
What I always liked about Maxwell was he wasn’t afraid to sound different or take a unique approach. “Fortunate” is a good song, but I’m partial to “WheneverWhereverWhatever” myself; song makes me dream of Heather Headley or Dawn Harper, lol.

I don’t remember exactly when that Starbucks closed, but it was gone by the end of last year. And I got asked if I was a parole officer again there, lol; you’d think I stood out or somethin’, lol.
Liz Dwyer said…
Moody Gemini,
I'm like, release the dang record already! I feel like that "Pretty Wings" song has been up there for a year. C'mon, Maxwell! Hurry it up!

And then I feel ultra guilty for being so impatient!

I love that Kate Bush cover too. It's so amazingly lovely.

Not sure what Maxwell song I'm most partial to. It depends on what mood you catch me in, but for some reason, on Saturday I could not get "Fortunate" out of my head!

Sad that the Starbucks closed. I saw some CRAZY things in there but they always played the best music and a couple of the baristas knew how to really hook up a soy chai.

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