I'm Not Your VP BUT I Still Kick Butt

As you know by now, no one in America got a text message this past Saturday morning saying, "Congratulations to Los Angelista, the next Vice President of the United States."

Nope, some guy named Joe Biden got the nod. Can you believe it? Like he's more qualified than I am! Whatever! Homie probably can't tell a Depeche Mode record from something by the Cure. He probably thinks a blog is a virus you get from kissing.

Really, how could Obama's team pass me over? I'm crushed! I can't believe that my head full of luscious, afro-fantastique curls got dissed for a dude with a major comb over! What is this world coming to?

Thankfully though, my weekend was not without accolades. Ian over At So I Thought awarded me with the Kick Ass Blogger Award!
Take that Barack Obama VP Search Team! You may not have thought I had what it takes to be VP, but at least I'm a Kick Azz Blogger!

I must pass this award on to five additional bloggers. So I bestow the Kick Gluteus Maximus on:

1) Heartsandflowers who just started her brand new blog, Acts of Faith in Love and Life a couple of weeks ago. She's been a frequent commenter here at Los Angelista and I'm thrilled that now she's got a blog of her own. She describes her blog as, "Life's an intersection of sex, love, politics, fashion, books, art, music, spirituality and everything else." She's in Denver and I'm looking forward to reading all her updates!

2) NYC/Caribbean Ragazza is one of my absolute faves. She hightailed it out of Los Angeles a few months ago and is now living in ROME!!! Yeah, you bet I'm jealous! Plus, she's a great writer, and did I mention, she's following her dreams! I laughed out loud though when I saw that she'd added to her blog description,
"...The next person who asks me when am I going to get my groove back under the Tuscan sun while I eat, pray and love, might get hit upside the head."

3) Jen of A2EatWrite is another one that I love to read! I always feel like she's my sister in spirit because she describes herself as, "
Mom, wife, teacher, writer, cook." My non-cooking self has actually tried some of her recipes out and they're always well-received by my family. I don't teach anymore, but sometimes when I read her blog, I wish I did!

4) Claudia at On a Limb With Claudia is a daily must-read for me, mostly because her blog is really freakin' fun! Not "fun" in a dumb, hanging out with Paris Hilton is fun sense, but in the sense that there's always something interactive there that makes me laugh, something that warms my soul or gets me thinking. She says about herself, "
In this blog, she shares her quirky experiences and impressions about holistic living, spirituality and life." Plus, she's a great writer and has a positive outlook. We need more bloggers like Claudia!

5) Bygbaby over at Bygbaby's Mindspill has the honor of making me snort Coke Zero up my nose more than anyone else. (Nooo, not that kind of coke! Get your mind out of the gutter!) He lives in Detroit and is a fab photographer. Hire him if you ever get a chance. Plus, he keeps it real. I feel like I'm sitting down hanging out with my cousins when I'm over at his blog. About himself he says, "
I am Young, Gifted, Black, Fat, a Husband, a Father, a Son, a Brother, a Friend, Creative, Out of the Box, & a Bastard @ Large!"

And so that's my five Kick Ass Bloggers! Hope you go pay them all a visit!


Tafari said…
Fuck the coke zero!!! my cousin just got out & is back on the block so that mean that I can get that ye yo boo!!!

Thx for the mention & I feel the same way because you are so brutally honest & write so vividly.

Some of the blogs that I haunt often make me feel like I am reading, which is ok because it is what it is. When I come here, it feels like I am having a conversation with a friends because I laugh, think & talk back while I read each sentence.

Here's to kicking ass online!!!

Jen said…
Oh, I'm SO disappointed by the Biden thing. Wouldn't "Personal Jesus" have just set everything right in Obamaland? And we KNOW you would have provided the sense and experience that Obama feels America thought he was missing.

Thanks so much for the award! And I love several of the other receivers. And I didn't see that NYC changed her tagline - that is hysterical - and perfect for her.

And you ALWAYS kick butt!
Liz!!! thanks so much for the shout out.

I've said it before but I love your writing. You have such an interesting POV about this crazy world we live in.

Like bygbaby and Jen said you really do kiss ass.
Shiona said…
Man I never even got a text message! I'm not so sure about his choice. Congratulations on the Kick Ass Award. I will check out those others you mentioned as well.
María said…
I actually *did* get that text message. Which is how I found your blog. Did someone punk me?

Not cool.
Liz Dwyer said…
LOL, Just make sure your cousin doesn't come out here. We've got that three strikes thing going on, y'know. Anyway, I can't remember how I first came across your blog but I'm so glad I did!

Happy to award you! It's so interesting how there just didn't seem to be that many good choices out there. I do like that Biden isn't a millionaire though. That must mean something good. Or, at least we can hope.

I kiss ass??? LOL! :) Well...sometimes! Very pleased to be able to give you a shout out though and glad you enjoy my POV. I enjoy yours too!

I never signed up. I don't need to know that quickly. It's not like knowing first is gonna make or break my day or make it easier for me to pay my rent, you know? Definitely go check the other folks out. They're good people and very good reads!

Immoral Matriarch,
Are you serious? Someone sent my blog address to you? That's... so strange. I wonder who would do such a thing?? Well, hope you had fun visiting my blog regardless! Let me know if you find out who sent you the blog address!
Congratulations, Liz! Another well-deserved accolade, and look at the bright side. You may not have a combover but you'll have more time to blog since you were accidentally overlooked by Team Obama.
Ian Lidster said…
I will check out your choices for sure.
And, we know that Biden got no Kickass Blogger award, and you did, and you deserved it.
Anonymous said…
Congrats, and I'll check these out soon.

(And if you were our current VP, you'd be shooting people int he face.)
Liz Dwyer said…
This is true. I'd probably have to shut the whole blog down or take it totally underground. Besides, what would I change the name to? Vice Presidista? Seriously though, thank you for the congrats! :)

Heh heh, that's right! Biden didn't get one, did he? At the end of four years, someone's gonna ask him what he regrets and he's gonna cry, "I never got a kickass blogger award!" SOB! :)

Do go check them out. They're good! Oh my goodness, can you imagine being that man? Being in his skin would be proof that hell can be on earth.
Anonymous said…
Well, holy crap! You're talking about ME! Gosh, thanks. Wow... pffts... wow... just wow....

Thanks! :)

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