Friday Night

I didn't sleep at all last night which is not a good thing when you have to spend your Friday taking your kids to the dentist and the doctor. On the bright side, I think I've discovered a new way to promote abstinence. Everybody who wants to have sex should have to help two nurses hold my four year-old son down so he can get his vaccinations.

Seriously, Bucking Bronco Boy freaks out the minute he even hears he's going to the doctor. The poor pediatrician can't even listen to my son's breathing or his heart because the kid is screaming, twisting and kicking. The doctor always says, "Well, I guess 'T' is healthy. We know he has healthy lungs anyway!"

So if he's that bad when he's getting his lungs listened to, you can imagine the antics when he it's time for a shot. And speaking of shots, I'm telling you, I've never had a drink but my goodness, I walked out of that doctor's office one step closer to understanding why folks down entire bottles of Jack Daniels. They must have children they have to hold down too.

Anyway, I managed to make it home by 5:30 and I was done. I got in bed and vaguely recall answering the phone an hour later. This little girl across the street was calling to see if my other son could come over and play. I have no idea what I told her because the next thing I remember is waking up around 8:30 to the sizzurpy sounds of Lil Wayne at full blast.

Yay! My neighbors across the street are having another one of their buckwild parties. For the uninitiated, what these chic twenty-something's do is set up a DJ out in front of their apartment building, invite like 3,539 people and have live music and singing/rapping going along with whatever the DJ is playing. It's like they combined one of those karaoke video games with Guitar Hero and put it out on the street. Right now they're doing a rendition of Run DMC's "Tricky". I have to give it to whoever's on the mic and the guitar. They don't sound too bad. Gosh, this is why I love living in an artsy neighborhood.

Or at least, I'll love it till like 2 AM, right? I have to be out the door by 7 AM to go running in Santa Monica. As much as I love their enthusiasm for life, (how boring am I that this is my Friday night?) I hope they shut things down soon.


Jen said…
Yikes... that sounds like no fun at all. You know, we have a right to be boring when we have young kids. And the right to not have our sleep disturbed by those people who still have lives on Friday nights! ;-)
Anonymous said…
We should compile these into a book. This is a wonderful piece of life and living in modern world. Esh, the mc/dj thing has got to go. They had ONE of those next door and the police were there in 15 minutes. In Denver, they enforce the sound and curfew laws. It's quite rigid but... damn. peaceful is nice. ;)

I hope you get some sleep. How's the running going?
Liz Dwyer said…
The doctors office was definitely no fun. I felt like I was going to develop post-traumatic stress disorder after leaving there. The partying neighbors, yeah they kept me awake but it was all good because at least it wasn't a weeknight like they've done before.

I don't think police here come unless someone just got murdered or assaulted. I wonder what our noise laws are here in LA.

The running yesterday morning was fantastic! The four miles felt really good and I wasn't tired at the end of it. I dropped down to the 13 group -- which means they run a 12 minute mile and take a walk break every six minutes. It averages out to 13 minutes per mile. It feels slow but I also don't feel like I'm going to die at the end and that's MUCH better than the group I was in before. Next Saturday is five miles! :)
Karen said…
Oh, soooo been there with the doctor's office/vaccine thing. I feel for you. Just hope and pray that your child never has to have allergy testing. My daughter backed herself into a corner and was hissing and spitting like a cat--and screaming, and writhing and crying. Took 3 of us to hold her down. It's horrible AND exhausting AND guilt-inducing. Sounds like you did all right, though!
Anonymous said…
I've had my share of noisy all-night parties too. The trouble is people don't just assume control of their own place, they assume control of the whole street as well. Excuse me, guys, how about the rest of us, do we have any say in what's going on here?
Jameil said…
wow! you and your neighbors!! i haven't heard mine (yet) and hoping i don't for a while yet. dead @ downing an entire bottle of JD. hilarity.

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