Yesterday Was Friday the 13th

Yesterday, R. Kelly was found not guilty and Tim Russert collapsed and died. Oh, and then there was a child predator cruising around outside my son's school after school, trying to get kids to get in the car with him. Total insanity.

It really was Friday the 13th, wasn't it?

It all had me feeling so down, that I did the unthinkable. I went to see "You Don't Mess With the Zohan." And I have to say, I laughed my azz off. I was doubled over in some places with tears streaming out of my eyes, especially when the guys call Hezbollah and get put on hold!

John Turturro as the terrorist "Phantom" was hilarious and Zohan with the Mariah Carey t-shirts was making me laugh just standing there. It was exactly what I needed to help me forget about how child molesters don't go to jail if they have enough money. I can't believe the jury later said they believed it was Kellz on the tape! WTF!

Ok, see, I'm getting all worked up again. I clearly need to remind myself of why I laughed so hard last night:

And now I'm headed out the door to do 10 million errands! Hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said…
We were experiencing parallel universe wackiness yesterday. I saw this blog entry and thought of you.
Toni Campbell said…
I didn't even put yesterday's events in the context of Friday the 13th. I texted Joy and said that I didn't know if I was crying because Tim Russert passed or that R. Kelly was acquitted!
Sister, I hope you want think ill of me for saying this, but I have to be honest. I'm sorry for Russert's untimely death. But I'm no fan of got-you journalism; and Russert was a got-you journalist. I loved his book about his father, but I think he's part of what's wrong with corporate news.

The sad thing for me was not just the R. Kelly verdict but the hundreds of women outside the court waving and cheering him, when he came out. Okay, the guy was found not guilty. Does it mean we have to welcome this long-time pedophile back into the community. What's next, R. Kelly hosting an NAACP awards ceremony?
Jameil said…
you know the acquittal makes me ill. I'm glad you could take your mind off of it. i was shocked by the almost positive review from the nyt.
Liz, I hear you.

I couldn't believe the news about Russert or freaking pedophile R. Kelly. I'm not a fan of his (not sure why just never got into him). I wonder if he is going to be an even bigger star now. It's sick.

I read the girl refused to cooperate and that her family took money from him/his peeps.
Keith said…
There nothing like the perfect timing of a good laugh. I don't think too much of R. Kelly and I'm not surprised he got off.
Tim Russert was a dedicated dad, and he loved his dad so he was OK in my book.

I never once thought of seeing Zohan. Now perhaps I will (probably not).
Liz Dwyer said…
Love it! I've been listening to Here is the House non-stop lately. It's just such a classic love song in it's own right.

I hate to be superstitious like that but I was like, wow, what is going on? I guess it was Tim's time and surely he's in a better place, but the R. Kelly thing is just total ridiculousness. What a shame.

Not thinking worse of you at all. Russert sometimes annoyed me with the kinds of questions he'd ask AND the ones that he didn't ask. It does seem like he genuinely was loved by the folks that he worked with, which can't really be said about a great many bosses. I feel awful for his family.

Folks cheering Kelly when he came out? Not surprised by that. And, yes, innocent until proven guilty and it wasn't proved, so I guess he does deserve to be welcomed back, even if it makes folks wanna throw up.

Me too. I knew almost nothing about Zohan before I went but it's pretty funny at times. It definitely took my mind off of things.

He probably will be a bigger star. Here in my house, my husband still loves his music regardless of what Kellz does. We get into a huge argument everytime it comes up. I'm sure someone somewhere took money to keep quiet. Why else would you not say that it's you on the tape?

I'm not surprised Kelly got off but I was secretly hoping justice would somehow, in some way, be served and he'd end up doing time. Sigh. Russert was quite a dedicated dad and that's something to be admired, no matter what. I would never have thought I'd be going to see Zohan either but it was a totally spur of the moment thing and I'm glad I did.
Felicity said…
Had a good day, went to the dentist to have root canal treatment. The sun was shining and all was right with the world.
Lola Gets said…
Yeah, well at least your day didnt begin with the what apparently became the "blackout from hell." No, it wasnt as bad as the crap NY went through a few years ago, but it still wasnt good for the city thats the seat of Americas government.

Tafari said…
The news I heard last friday could have only happened on the 13th. I am shocked that RK got off, what a shame. I wonder if him & OJ will pen that book on how to be rich & get away with some freaky shit???

TR's death was a shock also. I really enjoyed his unbiased reporting & interviewing style. He really seemed to be a well rounded person who was about fairness.

His shoes will be hard as hell to fill & I know NBC is shitting in their pants as they scramble to find a sucessor.

Hope you are treating your boo well this Fathers Day!!!

Liz Dwyer said…
Love the positivity! Most folks would think a root canal would be the end of the world, the essence of bad luck. In reality, not being able to afford a dentist and then being stuck with the decaying tooth is worse!

Yeah, what was up with that? Was it storm induced or something else? Sigh, I'm sure evil-doers the world over took note!

We ran my husband all over the place today. He actually wanted to go home to lie down at around 4PM. Oh, and he got an Ironman videogame. I figure it'll help him occupy his time while the rest of us are away this summer.

I continue to be struck by how many of the folks who worked with Russert really liked him. There's no vibe like they're just making up some b.s. just because he passed. I am sure NBC is scrambling like crazy. I'll bet they'll beg Tom Brokaw to be the interim person and have Chuck Todd help. As for R. Kelly -- does this mean folks have to stop calling him the Pied Pedo?? ?And how nice would it be if suddenly all his fans dropped him like a hot potato and refused to buy his records anymore?
Anonymous said…
Yes! A serious, concentrated and protracted R Kelly protest should be mounted and sustained. Start with his record label. The radio stations. Show up at his concerts with picket signs. Write letters. Be vocal about it. Especially since 5 of the jurors said they thought he was guilty but didn't have enough evidence to convict. All those people cheering him on who weren't paid employees need to be publicly called out for aiding and abetting a child molester. What about his children? Because his estranged wife was also a denier and excuser so if he hasn't already crossed that line with them there is certainly no incentive stopping him. I bet you the family got paid peanuts compared for their compliance. Either way hell may be a long way's away but we can certainly do our best to prepare all of them for the journey.
Anonymous said…
It's a weird world and weird life. I wish I had something more brilliant to say, but how weird is it that R. Kelly is free? Just in time to promote his new album? He should pay the prosecutors marketing fees.

Tim Russert was 58 years old - wow that's young.
Liz Dwyer said…
"Either way hell may be a long way's away but we can certainly do our best to prepare all of them for the journey." 100% agree and I think the punishments on this earth for pedophiles/child molesters are too lax as it is. I believe they deserve life in prison.

I sometimes feel like I have to be "brilliant" in comments too. Why is that? And does R. Kelly have a record coming out? In a lot of ways it's not just him but the whole machine over at the record company. He's gotten rich and lots of people have gotten rich off of him so they have a stake in keeping him out of jail.

And Russert was young wasn't he. I saw part of the interview with his son. Seems like a great kid. I don't know he's holding it together though. I already know I'm gonna be a hot mess when one of my parents dies.

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