Can Your Father Play Trombone?

Mine can!
You say yours can too?
Well, has he ever done it while rockin' a tam?
My guess is... no.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!


Lola Gets said…
Wow, your dad is wailing away on that trombone, jack! I am totally digging his tam too, lol.

MY daddy doesnt play the trombone, he plays the tenor and alto sax, and he does pretty well at it too! I meant to do a post about him for Fathers day, but I keep misplacing the notes Ive taken about his music career (I cant keep up with the names of the bands hes in (and been in, too).

Anonymous said…
Regret to say my father didn't play any musical instruments. He didn't have a tam o'shanter either - but then he wasn't Scottish! Don't you think the trombone is the strangest looking musical instrument, the way it slides in and out like that? Or is there a stranger one?
Jameil said…
lol. trombones are so cool! my dad's not very musically-inclined. he doesn't have any rhythm... which makes for some very amusing moments. happy father's day!!
Anonymous said…
Great picture!!!!!! I totally remember that hat and I remember Shakey's pizza and him playing with me sitting on top of the piano!!!! Dad rocks!!!
Liz Dwyer said…
Cool that your dad is a musician too. In college I wore out a cassette tape I had of my dad's jazz trio playing and now my kids can't wait to go home and hear their grandpa play. They totally hero-worship his musical abilities!

Trombones are odd looking, aren't they? I'm not sure there's a stranger looking brass instrument. Bigger, yes. But stranger, no! I don't play any instruments but I've decided I'm going to learn in the next year how to play something. I'm pretty sure my dad still has that tam hanging on a hook in the back hallway of our house but I can remember putting it on as a girl. Those are great memories.

I'm exhausted from Father's Day. We ran my husband all over the place. I think he needs a sensory deprivation tank about right now.

I used to love seeing my dad go play. He'd be doing his thing on the piano and then he'd pause for a trombone solo. It was awesome.

Yeah, the picture's on the wall of his office and I snapped a photo of it last time I was home. I need to do another one so I can get one w/out a flash! AND, I see I've passed the insomnia thing on to you. Heh heh.
My dad used to play the guitar.

I used to play the piano, flute and sax but now I can't even read music. sad.

I was thinking of taking lessons again once I make some money.

Great photo.
Anonymous said…
Great picture! Happy Father's Day to the fathers in your life :)
Miriam said…
What a beautiful sound to have in the home. A trombone. I love those instruments!

My dad played the piano but mostly for a church. lol.
1969 said…
I love the TAM!!!! Your Dad is so cool.
Ian Lidster said…
So sweet and loving but, considering it's from you, I am not surprised. Lucky you, and lucky dad to have had you, so it all evens out.

My dad couldn't play trombone. But, funnily enough (and sadly too) it wasn't until late in his life I found that he was an accomplished pianist. He never told me that, his sister did. And I never heard him play even though we had a piano.
Liz Dwyer said…
I tried flute for like 3-4 weeks and piano for a little but but I remember nothing of reading music now. I do want to learn how to play a guitar. A friend left hers here in storage in my garage ten years ago and now doesn't want it anymore. I want to take some lessons for it now.

The picture is definitely one of my faves. I definitely wish I could've hung out with my dad for Father's Day but I'll see him in a week! Whoo hoo!

My dad doesn't play piano as much at home either, I guess because he plays when he's working. I always got so excited to go see him play somewhere if he did something in a child-friendly venue.

He is pretty cool and I love how he managed to take his love for music and turn it into a career. He's definitely a poster child for letting your work be what you love!

I am definitely lucky to have my dad. So sad that you never got to hear yours play, even though you had a piano. I wonder why he never shared that he could play piano?
Happy Father's Day to all trombonists in tams, especially yours.

My father was a keyboard man, but since he played classical and not jazz, I guess "pianist" is the right word. But he did actually have a tam.
Anonymous said…
Um... is he using the rubber portion or a toilet plunger as a mute???
Felicity said…
No, but Dad can't but he loves learning languages!
Jen said…
My Dad couldn't rock a tam or a trombone.

He loved writing about art history, though. He did this without a degree in art history and wrote every night. He finally had three books published. It's great to see different talents/loves of different dads.

My DH writes a mean haiku.
Liz Dwyer said…
Your dad had a tam as well? Awesome, we truly are soul sisters then! And pianist is such an elegant sounding word, isn't it?

I'll have to ask him. I'd like to hope it's not! I think he still has that mute.

And my dad doesn't have much affinity for languages. He studied German and didn't do so hot with it.

Haiku's rock. I'm terrible at them though. That's so cool that your dad wrote three books about art history without even having a degree! Good for him for following his dreams. The writing thing runs in your genes then! :)

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