Without a Title

When I got to LAX this morning it was still dark, not quite 5 AM. I stood in the line for the skycap service with my two little boys and our luggage, praying that I hadn't left anything truly vital behind. Of course this led to my thinking about my mortality, which is something I always do when I'm about to fly.

There I was, waiting in line,ready to think "deep thoughts" about life and what if it all ended today because of my plane crashing. Instead, my train of thought was interrupted by a woman going off on her husband.

She was seriously cussing him out, swinging her Louis Vuitton satchel around wildly to punctuate the expletives being hurled from her lips. I couldn't figure out what he'd done. Had he looked at her wrong? Had he been telling her to hurry up in a passive aggressive sort of manner? Yeah, maybe it was all one too many, "Walk faster or we're gonna miss the plane," type of statements.

I don't know what it was but from that point on, I could only see the crazy stuff folks were doing.

For example, the youngish white guy claiming he couldn't get his bag scanned because it had medical equipment -- and he couldn't check it because it had medical equipment. He totally got in the face of the TSA officer, but then I had to keep walking up the escalator so I missed what happened next.

Then there was the older black man who grumbled every five seconds about the, "Damn airlines. Next time I'll WALK to New York, tryin' to make me pay for my gotdamn stuff."

Oh, okaay. Good luck with that walking adventure.

How about the woman in the gate waiting area snapping photos of her bare foot with her cell phone? Yeah, wonder who she was sending that picture to.

Anyway, I survived it all and we've had a great afternoon and evening with our family. It's great to see how excited the boys are over seeing all their family. As for me, I'm about to fall over on this computer. I'm SO tired. My brain is so tired I can't even think of a title for this post.

I give up! See you in the morning!


Jameil said…
love w/o a title. so funny. i think abt mortality on planes, too. i think it's only natural. oh the crazies... she was sending the foot pic to a fetish mag. she gets paid for the place, quality and quantity she sends each day.
Dena said…
there's one thing i like about flying.....going to the airport and people watching. it truly is fascinating! i'm glad you all made it here safely and can't wait to see you on saturday. yippee!
I think about my mortality on planes, when I drive through long tunnels, when I walk into a 1500 year old building here in Rome. I try not to do it all the time but can't help then I get freaked out. Which is silly, I know we are all going to die but I really don't want to.

Anyway back to the airport. I have seen some truly outrageous things at LAX. I would not want to work at the airport and have to deal with frustrate customers.

Glad you arrived no problem and are having fun with the family.
Tafari said…
Happy you made it safely! If you were in Detroit & saw that couple jumping off at the airport, I would have said it was Suit Suzy & I. LOL!!!

Unknown said…
You write good posts even deliriously tired!

NO "title" required!
Ian Lidster said…
Airports -- you gotta love 'em. Hilarious anecdotes. I've done LAX a few times to I know what you are saying.
Meanwhile, have a lovely time.
thailandchani said…
People-watching is a hoot!

1969 said…
Safe and sound. That's all that matters.
Jen said…
So, first of all, so glad you arrived safely and have a GREAT visit with your family!

Second... oh, man, do you need to write a fiction scene in an airport some day! What wonderful snapshots you got this morning.
Liz Dwyer said…
I wouldn't be surprised if she was sending the picture to someone with a foot fetish, but dang, she could've used a pedicure!

I like watching folks too, but traveling with both of the kids made it hard to really check out what people were doing as much as I like to. I felt like I needed a leash for the boys to keep track of where they were. And I'm SO excited to see you again on Saturday! It's gonna be great (unless it rains)!

Folks used to say that I'm too morbid because I think about exactly the sorts of things you do. I can't help it though. And I know I can't choose how to die but I'd rather it not be in some crazy painful way like a plane crash.

HAHAHAH!!! That is hilarious! And what really killed me is that they were dressed all preppy, like they should've been in a Ralph Lauren ad or something. So I think folks were not expecting the crazy cussin' to come out of their mouths.

Aw, thank you! Deliriously tired is exactly what it was. I shut down the computer and I think I was asleep less than two minutes later.

There are always characters at LAX, aren't there? And always someone going, "Do you know who I am???" LOL!

It really is. But as much as I'm a person watcher, I wonder how often I'm the object of the same sort of observation I subject folks to!

Too true and thank God for it.

I'm having a great time so far, but oh wow, the rain! I don't think we've had a real rain in LA since February. And an airport is definitely an interesting setting for something, especially since it sort of represents change, folks coming and going.
Unknown said…
Glad you and your little men made it safely. Enjoy your stay.

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