Packing My Stuff

There's nothing like packing a suitcase to help you figure out what clothes in your closet you really like and what you need to give away to Goodwill.

I have two bags and two carry-ons packed. Now I have to decide what else I want to take with me because I have one more bag I can check for free. And no, the two bags and two carry-ons aren't just for me. One bag for me, one for my sons.

Seriously though, the airlines and their insane "charge you for checking luggage" fees are giving me a packing migraine. I don't like dragging a bunch of crap onto a plane with me and I don't mind waiting at baggage claim for my stuff. BUT, this time, I'm going to have to because I don't want to check more than one bag per person because then I'll have to pay $25 for the second bag. Clearly, I don't want to pay an extra $25 each when the tickets were already a bazillion dollars.

If it was a mathematical equation, it'd look like this:

(Three people) (second checked bag) ($25)(roundtrip)= $150 dollars for a second checked bag roundtrip.

No mas.

I used to just manage to put everything in one bag. But if a bag weighs over 50 pounds, I might have to pay $80 in overweight bag fees. That is not an option I'm considering. So far so good though because mine is 44 pounds and the one for the boys is 37 pounds... and we have one more left!

The clothes that aren't in my suitcase are things I really don't wear all that much, things that don't fit anymore, or things I've just fallen out of love with. So I just finished sticking 'em all in a big trash bag and I'm going to run it all over to Goodwill later on this afternoon. I'm sure a few things will be someone else's $5 treasure.

Even though I'm about to be gone for five weeks I'm trying not to take too much stuff, but there are some areas I can't compromise on, namely shoes. There's nothing worse than being all the way across the country and wishing I'd brought the red high heels instead of just the silver ballet flats. So, I'm taking both.

Actually, I'm taking an embarrassing amount of shoes with me: two pairs of red heels, red flip flops, red ballet flats (yes, I have a thing for red shoes) three pairs of black heels, black sandals, pink heels (still in love) silver ballet flats, black and white skimmers, and my running shoes.

Like I said, embarrassing. And if you are wondering why someone needs three pairs of black heels, you're either not female or not a cross dresser, so let me explain: it's because they're all different styles and some look better with certain outfits than others.

But what if I had no choice? What if someone handed me a pair of orthopedic shoes and said, "Sorry, all you're gonna get to wear every single day is this ugly pair of brown, mushroom-looking orthopedic shoes."

Would the world come to an end? Would my friends and family stop loving me? Would I feel less confident? (probably) And why is it that "things" give us such confidence? Why does feeling like I look fly as hell in a pair of pink heels make such a difference, even if I'm not going anywhere but to the grocery store?

Answer that profound question for me, will you?

Anyway, my closet looks so empty and clean now. That's going to be nice to come home to, but gosh, it's hard to believe that this time tomorrow I'm going to be getting off a plane with my sons.

Bye bye to Los Angeles for five whole weeks!


Brianna said…
You and I have the same shoe issues...I love it. I use my hall closet JUST for shoes and that doesn't even include running shoes which I of course have an abundance of.
Felicity said…
Have a great holiday!
Haute in LA said…
I haven't checked in for quite some time but where are you going for FIVE WEEKS?? And can I come? LOL! Sounds like you have enough shoes for us to share.

I have some back-reading to do. When I once had more time I had five blogs that I read and tried to comment on daily. Yours is at the top. Now that I'm trying to maintain two blogs (poor Much Ado is so neglected) and handle freelance projects, and work full time, and interview for new jobs and... You get the point.

Travel safely!!! Btw, your luggae woes aren't so bad - my last trip home I scaled down to a carry-on, a huge suitcase weighing in at 47 lbs exactly and a garment bag. I was there for 6 days.
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm no Imelda Marcos but I definitely believe having enough shoes is important. That way the ones you really like never get too worn out. I can't even imagine how many pairs of running shoes you have! That must be quite a collection!

Thanks! It's gonna be great, I'm sure!

47 pounds for six days!!! LOL! Love it. Well, at least you had options for what to wear, right? :) It is definitely hard to blog and handle the freelance stuff! I know a little about that so I hear you! I'm going back to the Midwest to see family and friends, to Chicago and Northern Indiana. YAY!
leila said…
well ... i am a woman and i do NOT get the shoe thing. i never have---for almost ten years the only shoes i had were hiking boots (for winter and autumn) and athletic sandals (for summer and spring). when i started working in an office i did have to diversify ... to dressy sandals and a pair of black shoes my sister said looked like they belonged to a grandad.

seriously, you are packing a LOT of shoes! good luck! i leave tomorrow back to seattle, and i think i'll just ask my mum to bring whatever i can't fit in my suitcases, when she visits us later. i'm lucky to have that luxury.

p.s. i am not rescinding my membership in the club of womankind, even though i am not a shoe person! SO THERE.
Tafari said…
Have a safe trip & good time back on home ground.

Air travel is a bitch & so unenjoyable!!! We are going to Chi Town for Labor Day weekend & we are playing with the idea of doing the train. Flying is so not an option for a fam of 5.


BTW, I was in NYC for 4 days & my bag was 50 lbs & took 3 pair f shoes. LOL
j'taimee said…
The psychology of wellness indicates that when you feel you look good, you actually feel good - as in healthier. A lady can sometimes do more for herself with some lipstick and a hot pair (or 2) of red heels than she can with a bottle of cough syrup and thermometer... at least they can be spoon full of sugar, hmmm?
Jameil said…
don't shame yourself for your shoe appreciation!!! i'm a shoe queen, too. i've also started getting rid of stuff while packing for grad school.
Unknown said…
Chi Town is SO glad to have ya home!!

The Taste is having Angie Stone! Chaka! And I think Stevie Wonder!
Girl, hope you have a great time!!

Heck, I know you will!

Now about ALL those shoes, lol...
Jameil said…
oh yeah also... DON'T FORGET ABT US!!
Anonymous said…
First - ((hug)) for your long trip. I hope you have a wonderful time - or as wonderful as it can be.

Second - The easiest thing to do is to ship your clothes. USPS parcel post is relatively cheap and even Fed Ex ground works. My clients who traveled a lot did that.

Will you write while you are there?
Anonymous said…

Have fun! You can send your things UPS ground in a box and get it insured for far cheaper. I've traveled so much and move back and forth between coasts that I have it down to a science now.
Jen said…
Have a GREAT trip. And your shoe collection sounds heavenly. I can't wear nice shoes due to various foot issues, but I can dream... ;-)
Anonymous said…
I always try to travel as light as possible, and I suppose being a bloke that's easier than for you gals with all your different outfits (and shoes!). I just can't bear lugging massive great suitcases around, and I know I don't need all the stuff I would cram into them anyway.

Have a fantastic holiday!
Liz Dwyer said…
Your womanhood could never be revoked! :) Hope your journey home to Seattle is safe. It's hard for me to pack for this trip because I'm going to formal stuff, not so formal, casual, the beach, so that means lots of shoes! But I always say I buy shoes because I'm not buying jewelry or something incredibly extravagant! I guess it's kind of like me not understanding folks like Mariah Carey who have shoe closets. Too much is too much.

Sooo nice to be home. I'm exhausted though. The boys didn't fall asleep at all on the plane and so I got no down time. And four days, 50 pounds and 3 pairs of shoes? Now I don't feel so bad!

I totally believe it. Your attitude, whether positive or negative, definitely impacts your health.

Living a simpler existence is such a goal of mine. I felt really great about getting rid of some stuff, and chances are I won't miss those clothes at all. I haven't given away any shoes though! ;)

So glad to be back! I think I'm going to be going to see Stevie with a bunch of old friends on Saturday. I can't wait!

How could I forget about y'all? I'm tired as I don't know what, but I'm still here!

Thanks for the hug. Today was pretty wonderful once the traveling was all over. I'll look into parcel post because I imagine we'll need to ship some things home. I called UPS and their ground rates were totally ridiculous. And yes, I plan on doing a LOT of writing while I'm here. I think this trip will prove to be quite cathartic in that regard.

I called UPS and they quoted me $600 for a smallish box. I was surprised because I used them ten years ago when I moved out here. I don't get it.

I have fond memories of all the amazing shoes my mom used to have, and then she threw out her back and bye bye high heels.

I can't stand dragging around a ton of luggage either. This trip was hard because I was packing all my stuff plus two boys and all their crap that they "might" need. I try to not pack too much, but it's hard sometimes!
Anonymous said…
$600!!! That is INSANE! Gas prices have really made everyone crazy. Oh well. Glad to know because I'm moving back to Los Angeles and thought I was going to ship a bunch of stuff.

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