A Sonnet Of Remembrance And Love

When death's kiss comes will you remember me?
Petals soft against the touch of your hands
Sweet scented dreams floating across the sea
Carrying love's vision to distant lands.

Before we meet again, my bloom will fade
Inhale now, my fragrance falters too fast
Physical replaced by memories made
This image of loveliness cannot last.

The soul released by such tender embrace
Seeking to gaze upon luminous joy
Fearless, never again to see your face
This handmaiden nothing can now destroy.

Hearts cleansed, your innocent tears are leaving
Eternally true souls still believing.


Oh, a sonnet. What a lovely surprise.

Who wrote it?
Liz Dwyer said…
Yours truly, moi. :) I'm the author. I used to write sonnets all the time and haven't done one in a few years. But today, I had a very emotional day today, and suddenly wanted to channel all of it into a sonnet.
Very nice stuff, Liz. I've been thinking of giving the sonnet a whirl, but now I think I'll stay out of the game a bit longer.

Maybe I'll stick to haiku.
Anonymous said…
Your writing is fascinating. Very good read!! (I note that there was no insolence in your tone either, which is always good!!! :-) ) lol!
Liz Dwyer said…
Mr. Moon,
Glad you enjoyed the sonnet. I haven't done haiku's in a while, but I seem to remember being pretty bad at them. I think a seven year-old could write better haiku's than I could.

LOL! I will do my best to incorporate some insolence into my next sonnet. How about, "Insolence of tone this journey does leave"?
Shai said…
Wow! Nice sonnet. I have not written one before. I tend to do non-rhyming poems.
Liz Dwyer said…
Thanks! ;) One of the things I love about poetry is that it comes in so many diverse forms. Even within sonnets, there are different styles/rhyme patterns. You should give writing one a go just to see if you can flex your considerable poetry muscles in a different way.
You know, I always thought it would be so cool if some rapper took up rhyming in sonnet form. I should send that idea to Puffy.
I haven't even heard someone use the word sonnet since high school! You go girl.
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm giving new meaning to taking back to the old school! ;)
and not in that corny, sappy james blunt way either
Liz Dwyer said…
Thank goodness, because I can't stand that song!
I did this one:

You as a blossom or another such thing.
Or patterns traced upon the sea
And crocuses where the snow has been
The irridescence of a gem
The moon's opalescent light
Spring's Azaleas and the scent of them
Or honeysuckle in the summer night.
Anonymous said…
Hello, then.

What a shock to turn to a poem, a meditation on that which we all have hoped to be, to have, to know, when I thought to find a keen-eyed cosmopolitan's piece on the ravages of the daily war that life can be.

Such has always been the beauty of the poem for me...that it is the canvas for any thought, any mood, any tone. Every. That every aspect of life could be explored therein.

A sonnet.

I appreciate your quiet, and your reach for same, so much more in this moment. Thank you for revealing.
Liz Dwyer said…
How lovely. Right now, the honeysuckle and azaleas are in magnificent bloom across Los Angeles. I feel like I could walk outside and live the imagery of your poem.

Actually, I hesitated a bit to post this poem because I've never put something I've written like this on my blog. But, the words really spoke to me and I wanted to share. Plus, if my son can hold a scorpion, I can post a poem, right? Courage! ;)
Hey Liz--thanks. Come by and leave some comments on my rants sometime...
Anonymous said…
Say Liz, than you for sharing this. Your sonnet was the first thing I read yesterday morning when I crawled out of bed and it really set a very meditative tone for my day and "took the edge off" as they say. I just read it again hoping to duplicate the good effect today.
Liz Dwyer said…
Definitely will come through and thanks for coming over here to visit.

Wow, thank you so much Teddy! I hope the duplicate effect happened again today.
I'm on my way out of town again but want to take a minute to say I'm glad you had the courage to post your lovely poem. I have a fondness for sonnets, and it seems that others appreciate yours too. I have written a lot of bad sonnets, and a few nice ones. They're great for flexing your language muscles. I'm winding myself up to try some more. If you like poetry with some form check out links to Natasha Trethewey in my blog Luminous Realities. Hope you share more of your poetry from time to time. A very nice way to communicate.

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