Stay Black And Die

Apparently the world is a brand new place today. Not only is Britney Spears leaving Kevin Federline, but the election results are in as well. We now have Democtratic control over the House and Senate.

Oh and Donald Rumsfeld resigned this morning.

Should I be celebrating? It seems that plenty of folks are poppin' open the Cristal. But...

At the end of the day, these overwhelmingly well-off Democratic leaders sit down in the same restaurants and social clubs as the overwhelmingly well-off Republican leaders and slap each other on the back, "Great debate today on healthcare! See you tomorrow!"

Their kids go to the same college-prep private schools. They go home to the same kinds of neighborhoods...and they probably aren't thinking about the kids I'm going to see in about 40 minutes. Kids without a dentist, without a safe park to play in, kids who are physically smaller due to poor nutrition.

I'm sure many of these politicians genuinely care and I'll admit, I'm feeling a little cynical this morning. I'm feeling a little like, "Big deal. I still gotta stay black and die."

You know what I mean?


Vincent Amato said…
Hi, Liz. I'm a relatively new blogger and you are the first person outside of my immediate circle to leave a comment. An exciting event for me. By the way, how do you skip spaces between paragraphs? I haven't been able to figure that one out. Maybe you could get back to me. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
I do know what you mean...except I'm gonna stay brown and die...great posts, liz (including the ones from yesterday and the other day)-- I do love your take on the world (but no, I do not have a prostitute in my closet but I'm sure my kids will someday fling something at me when the time comes!)

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